Why you need window roller shutters for your home or business…

One of the best value ways of protecting an indoor space such as your home or business is simply by installing window roller shutters. As well as being strong and durable they occupy little space, or no space at all if you opt for a built-in solution like the ALU-LNTL shutters. This makes them a smart, budget-friendly choice for any home.

Be it internal or external roller shutters for windows, there are many reasons home and business owners install them. Security concerns, privacy, and protection against storm damage are a few of the most common reasons we hear from our clients. The significant advantages of window shutters are:


Arguably the main benefit of any roller shutter system is the protection it offers against burglary, trespassing, and vandalism for both homes and businesses alike. With the roller shutter securely fitted to the window or door, it is very difficult for a  window roller shutter to be compromised without gaining attention from passersby. An additional security benefit that window roller shutters provide is a visible deterrent, which will sometimes discourage opportunist intruders. If you really feel like adding a superior level of security, many of our window shutters can be upgraded to include LPS1175 compliance, which guarantees protection against certain toolsets and types of break-ins.


Window roller shutters are a great option to help to add privacy to businesses and homes when required. If you keep high-value equipment or stock on your premises or have valuable belongings, you will understand exactly how important it is to keep prying eyes away when there is no one around to deter potential burglars. A really determined criminal might still gain entry, but a passing opportunist would be kept in the dark.

Energy Saving

Saving energy is a significant concern with 70% of heat and 45% of your air conditioning escaping from your home through doors and windows. Window roller shutters are generally foam-filled providing enough insulation to keep the heat in or outside the home. With the ability to regulate temperature, more energy is saved. The industry standards state that roller shutters lower power consumption up to 63% all year round.

Light filter

Whether you love bright or dark rooms, a window roller shutter can give you full control over the intensity of light that enters the room. With our range of black out blinds and fly screens, you can choose exactly how much light to filter and diffuse by choosing between different thicknesses and densities of fabrics in our range. When using your shutter or blind, you can choose to completely darken the room by lowering it entirely or have the bright sunlight shining into the room by leaving it wide open. Our ALU12-M411 model is also available with vented lath that allows for partial air and light flow, and is a very popular choice for windows.

Protection against harsh weather

Harsh environmental conditions like heavy rainfall, storms and heavy snowfall can cause damage to properties over time through the process of weathering.

Roller shutters can ensure that your windows and patio doors are protected from this harsh weather, keeping your home in the best condition it can be, whatever the weather. Roller shutters are a great investment, saving you money in the long-term.

Long term value

With the roller shutter offering security and protection, installing one to your business is undoubtedly a long-term investment, and with regular roller shutter maintenance and servicing, they can last for decades. Here at UK Roller Shutters we offer a Maintenance & Service Contract which ensures that you don’t forget when your service is due.

Ease of Installation

Window roller shutters are very easy to install. Installation of the exterior window roller shutters can be done yourself if you’re comfortable doing so and have experience fitting roller shutters. If you’d like some help with roller shutter installation, our team of engineers are on hand so you can sit back whilst we fit your roller shutter safely and securely.

If you’re interested in window roller shutters for your home or have any questions, please call us on  +44 (0) 1384 221743 or drop us an email on [email protected]