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Fire curtains are sheets of fire-resistant material that can be drawn over entrances and other access points that work to prevent or delay fire damage. These curtains work by obstructing the flames and smoke, allowing occupants to contain the fire in a room, sealing it off and giving people more time to evacuate the property.

Fire and smoke curtains are highly cost effective and are a flexible solution with a number of practical benefits that make them appealing to business owners.

Here at UK Roller Shutters, our fire and smoke curtains can be configured to suit any aperture and will automatically deploy in the event of a fire, helping towards overall fire strategy.

This product is suitable for internal use providing protection for areas such as lift entrances, stairwells and other high-risk zones without interfering with the normal daily activity around these places.

  • Our fire curtains are made from a fire-rated fabric which is stitched or hemmed together using Kevlar and stainless steel
  • All our Fire Curtains undergo rigorous testing to comply with relevant BS, EN and UL standards.

If you need both fire protection and security, check out our fire-rated roller shutters instead.

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F-Shield Standard Fire Curtain

Unlike fire shutters, fire and smoke curtains offer a much more unobtrusive way of protecting the premises against the spreading of fire if the user is not concerned with security as well. They're also much better at controlling smoke.

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Let UK Roller Shutters improve your overall fire strategy with our high-quality Fire Curtains, designed to reduce the spread of smoke and flames throughout your property. We offer fire and smoke curtains that provide a much more discreet way of shielding the building against fire.

Fire Curtains Questions & Answers

Here are a few common questions that we’ve come across in the years of work we’ve done fitting Fire Curtains, however if you have any that are not on this page – feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Fire curtains are designed to reduce the spread of smoke and flames throughout the building. They work due to being made from a fire rated material using Kevlar and Stainless steel hemmed or stitched together. The material is hidden away in a metal box out of sight and only triggers when fire occurs and your alarm system detects the smoke.


Fire Curtains are made from an aluminium fibre glass fire-rated material. This fabric is rolled up into a steel barrel and is capable of resisting smoke, gases and high. The curtain is powered by a specialist internal tubular geared motor that descends to the floor on command with a heavy bottom bar to weigh it down the steel guides. It can automatically retract or manually reset when not required.


Fire curtains are very versatile and can be fitted to the structure in numerous ways. The most common ways that the units are attached are direct to the underside of the slab, attachment directly to the side of the slab or attachment to the steel beam or an RSJ. Anyone with electrical and building experience is suitable to install put automatic fire curtains, however we do provide roller shutter installation services and technical help if necessary to ensure optimum safety.

If you believe you have the suitable knowledge and experience to fit the fire curtain yourself, we provide full installation, operating and maintenance manual with every fire curtain, this ensures we supply out clients with a smooth and simple installation process; technical help is also always available over the phone if you need help or have an queries to ensure the fire curtain is correctly installed and running well.


If you have an opening – for example a canteen, with no access from the outside and nothing critical behind the aperture, fire curtains could be ideal for you. Due to fire curtains being made from Kevlar and Stainless steel, with steel guides and housing they’re discreet way of preventing fire spreading enabling emergency services more response time.


Our Fire and Smoke curtains are a great solution for open spaces s they’re highly discreet and allow people free ease of access through the opening until an alarm is activated. Building control and fire regulations do recommend fire curtains over fire or sprinkler systems due to the wider variety of functions in comparison to standard fire doors.

UK Roller Shutter’s Fire Curtain prices are highly competitive and more cost effective solutions to preventing fire and smoke from spreading compared to sprinkler systems and bulky, heavy duty, limited size fire doors.


Yes we offer a 12 month guarantee with our fire curtains and all of our products. This is only valid if the fault is mechanical. After the 12-month period, our servicing and maintenance program can be offered and this is quoted as the amount for us to send an engineer to site.

Those with a servicing and maintenance contract will have access to members discounts on any repairs undertaken as well as roller shutter servicing once a year to ensure your fire curtains stay within Health and Safety legislation. During this servicing, we will test the equipment of the curtain, change any batteries on the control panel and check the motor limits. Once this servicing is complete we’ll send through a service & maintenance certificate via email. Once the service has been carried out, the working units are guaranteed for 12 months thereafter. You can read more about our servicing and maintenance contracts here.

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