Roller shutter resources & technical drawings for architects

In the first instance we recommend using our product specification quick find tool which will help you to very quickly identify the product you need by selecting from a list of attributes and materials needed.

Downloadable manuals and guides

Product specification tool

Use our product specification tool to locate the right roller shutter for your project. Search by material and product attribute.

Technical drawings for architects

FastTrack CAD is a dedicated website for architects. Our Roller Shutters are listed there and can be downloaded free of charge after registering.

Nbs product finder/nbs plus

UK Roller Shutters are listed on RIBA’s Product Finder and NBS Plus. Relevant product specifications can be viewed there.

Dhf ts 012:2018

Code of Practice for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial doors and domestic garage doors.

Design and Security

Design and security go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re outlining plans for residential, commercial or industrial premises, cutting-edge architecture incorporates security into the framework of its designs. Know where your security features are going. Plot them into your blueprints from the outset. Inspire confidence in your clients with clear, accurate security specifications.

At UK Roller Shutters we love working with architects, offering a wide range of CAD drawings and DWG specs to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate our high security roller shutters into your plans.

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