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Product Description

CRPK-SR2 Roller Shutter: Premier Security with Optional Ventilation and Visibility

The CRPK-SR2 model roller shutter is at the forefront of securing car park entrances, boasting the LPS1175 SR2 rating indicative of its superior security features. This model comes with a Solid lath as standard, offering unmatched durability and protection. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of both underground and surface car parks, the CRPK-SR2 provides a foundational layer of security that is both robust and reliable.

Optional Perforation for Customized Needs

Recognizing the diverse requirements of car park facilities, we offer the option to customize the CRPK-SR2 shutters with perforations. This allows for tailored solutions that can promote airflow and visibility where necessary, particularly beneficial in enclosed or underground spaces where ventilation is a priority. The perforated option ensures that, should your project require it, you can still enjoy the benefits of natural light and air circulation without compromising on security.

Uncompromised Security and Design

Achieving the “Secured by Design” standard, the CRPK-SR2 excels in providing security without the need for additional locks or retrofits. Its self-locking mechanism streamlines operation, ensuring the shutter remains securely in place to maintain its LPS1175 SR2 rating. This feature is crucial for both compliance and convenience, ensuring a high level of security is maintained effortlessly.

Lightweight and Aesthetic Appeal

Crafted from aluminium, the CRPK-SR2 offers a lightweight alternative to traditional steel shutters, which reduces operational costs and maintenance requirements. Its design not only prioritizes performance and security but also considers aesthetic appeal, making it an attractive choice for modern parking solutions.

Ideal Uses
  • Car parks
  • Commercial properties
  • Water treatment plants
  • Areas that require higher security with perforation
Key Features
  • Is “Secured by Design” and security rated LPS1175 SR2
  • Can be perforated or solid
  • Uses “lockdown technology”to lock automatically so that retrofitted locking extras are not needed
  • Unlike similar products in the industry – this shutter can be opened from the outside
Technical Specifications


Certified to LPS 1175 issue 7

Security Rating 2 (SR2)

Approved dimensions

Maximum certified width: 6.0m

Minimum certified width: 1.8m

Maximum certified height: 6.0m

Minimum certified height: 1.8m


Extruded aluminium lockdown profiles.

Finish as delivered: polyester powder coated in standard RAL/BS colour.


Reinforced extruded aluminium section with strengthened core.

Finish as delivered: polyester powder coated in standard RAL/BS colour.


Heavy duty guide profiles anchored direct to the structure.

Finish as delivered: polyester powder coated in standard RAL/BS colour.


Certified installation onto:

  • Brickwork
  • Blockwork
  • Concrete
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Operation
  • Motorised to allow controlled ascent and descent.
  • 240v – Low duty cycle, or where limited to single phase supply.
  • 415v – High duty cycle or for larger apertures.


Full range of compatible controls including push button switch, key switch, radio control or possible to integrated into building management systems and third party alarms.

Safety on close as assessment directs.

Options and Variations
  • Can be powder coated in any standard RAL/BS colour
  • High or low duty power phase
  • Can come fully perforated or partially perforated

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