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Extender Security Grilles

Product Description

Extender grilles offer extraordinary protection against attempted break-ins or attacks that include the use of tools such as axes, car jacks, hacksaws and crowbars. They can also be used in areas where there is a concern for explosives as they remain fully functional against blasts and so can act as an emergency exit, or prevent looting after the glass has blown out.

The grilles are normally fitted over windows in offices, but have been used on French doors, patio windows or built as cages to protect computer suits or to protect other large volume, high value goods.

Ideal Uses
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Anywhere where a customer needs the least obtrusive method of securing windows/doors against burglars.
  • Can alleviate the effects of bomb blasts on glazing that has been treated with anti-shatter film
  • Extender grilles can prevent looting after glass has been blown out
  • Can be built as cages where they have been used to “fence in” computer suits, or other large volume, high value goods
Key Features
  • Large range of Extender grilles that protect windows and doors from a determined attack that includes the use of tools such as bolt cutters, axes, crowbars, hacksaws and car jacks.
  • High tempered aluminium alloys and steel designed into the Extender security grilles give the products strength, aesthetics and durability unique in the security market.
  • Grilles are available with an assortment of security rated accreditation’s. 
Technical Specifications


All grilles are visually similar but come in 3 different strengths depending on your requirements.


Good preventive against opportunist crime.

Open diamond pattern.

Hook deadlock with shoot bolt lock option.


Made from stronger materials and with stronger bonds than Level 1.

Comfortably resists hacksaws and electric drills.

Approved by the police security initiative SBD (Secured By Design).


LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 3

The strongest available retractable grille.

Meets the standard necessary for the protection of hazardous materials and vulnerable equipment within the critical national infrastructure.

Approved by the police security initiative SBD (Secured By Design).

As detailed above, the grilles can also be built as cages which:

  • Provide a secure containment.
  • Free airflow for climate control, fire detection and suppression.
  • A visible area for CCTV monitoring or patrol guarding.
  • Can be used as security lobbies at entrances/exits.
  • Again the cages are custom designed and built and so there is no limited size range. They can also come in a range of security levels similar to the regular grilles listed above.
Options and Variations
  • Products can be combined to reduce costs
  • Can come in a range of colours
  • Can come in a range of different security classification
Downloads (.DWG, NBS spec, CAD drawings)

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