Automatic Gate Repairs and Maintenance Nationwide

UK Automatic Gate Services: Expert Repairs & Professional Maintenance


In ensuring the security and functionality of your premises, the reliability of your automatic gates and traffic barriers is paramount. Our services are designed to address any operational challenges—ranging from routine maintenance to urgent repairs—while strictly adhering to BS EN 12453 and TS 011:2018 standards.

Comprehensive Automatic Gate Repairs

Our repair services are at the forefront of restoring efficiency and security to your automatic gates and traffic barriers. With a team of skilled technicians, we’re equipped to handle a broad spectrum of repair needs:

  • Immediate Fault Rectification: From sensor malfunctions to mechanical wear and tear, our team is on standby to address and rectify faults swiftly.
  • Complete System Overhauls: For more complex issues, we provide comprehensive system evaluations and overhauls, ensuring long-term reliability.

Adherence to Industry Standards

Every service and repair carried out by us complies with the stringent guidelines set by BS EN 12453 and TS 011:2018. This commitment ensures that your automatic gates operate safely, and effectively, and are up to current regulatory standards.

Don’t let gate malfunctions compromise your security. Contact us today to find out more about our repair and maintenance services, and how we can help keep your automatic gates performing at their best.

Gate Maintenance

Tailored Maintenance Plans


To prevent potential issues and prolong the lifespan of your automatic gates, we offer customisable maintenance plans. These plans are developed to keep your gates in optimal condition through regular inspections, servicing, and immediate repairs as needed.


Gate servicing

Documentation and Compliance


  • Authorised Technician Checklist: With each service, a detailed checklist is provided, documenting the thorough inspection and any adjustments made.
  • Compliance Certificates: Upon completion of maintenance or repair, we issue compliance certificates, confirming that your gates meet the BS EN 12453 and TS 011:2018 standards.

Our force tests, an essential component for assessing gate safety and functionality, come with a comprehensive PDF Test Result, showcasing a force graph and digital outcomes, utilizing a clear PASS/FAIL system for uncompromised safety.

Exclusive Service Contract Benefits


Contract members benefit from priority scheduling for repairs, discounted rates on parts and labour, and the assurance of a dedicated team focused on maintaining the integrity of your automatic gates and traffic barriers.

Electric gates
Large wooden electric gate

Warranty and Assurance


Our maintenance contracts are designed not only to ensure the smooth operation of your gates but also to maintain compliance with warranty requirements, offering peace of mind and protection for your investment.

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