Roller Shutter Repairs

Has your roller shutter malfunctioned leading to you being unable to complete your daily business activity?

Emergency Roller Shutter Repairs: Swift and Reliable Solutions


In urgent need of roller shutter repairs? UK Roller Shutters is your go-to for emergency security door and roller shutter repairs, available nationwide. Our prompt, same-day service ensures that your business remains secure and operational with minimal downtime.

Why Choose Us for Your Emergency Repairs?

  • Rapid Response: Experiencing a malfunction, sensor issue, or impact damage? Our team is ready to respond. With most calls attended within 3 hours, and many repairs completed within the first hour of arrival, we prioritize your urgent needs.
  • Qualified Engineering Excellence: Our engineers are not only CSCS-certified but also bring a wealth of expertise to handle a wide array of issues. Whether it’s industrial roller shutters, fast-action PVC shutters, sectional overhead doors, garage doors, shop fronts, or car park shutters, we’ve got you covered.
  • Comprehensive Service: If your shutter requires additional components, we provide swift quotes and expedite repairs to minimize your downtime. Our goal is to ensure your operations continue smoothly with as little interruption as possible.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Wherever you are in the UK, our emergency repair service is just a call away.

Contact Us Now Don’t let a damaged shutter disrupt your business. For immediate assistance, click here to call us on 01384 221 743. Our team is prepared for all types of accidents and malfunctions, equipped with the skills and tools to get your shutters functioning perfectly again.

Fully Equipped for Immediate Roller Shutter Repairs


At UK Roller Shutters, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to shutter repairs. That’s why our service vans are always fully stocked, and prepared to handle repairs promptly and efficiently on-site.

What Sets Our Service Apart?

  • Well-Stocked Vans: Each of our vans carries a comprehensive inventory of essential parts, including a variety of motors, lath, and end locks. This extensive stock ensures that we can address a wide range of repair needs immediately.
  • On-the-Spot Solutions: In the rare event that your repair requires an additional component not available in our van, we provide on-the-spot quotes. This allows us to carry out the necessary repairs then and there, dramatically reducing your downtime.
  • Versatile Repair Services: Our expertise isn’t limited to one type of shutter. We have extensive experience repairing industrial roller shutters, high-speed doors, sectional overhead doors, garage doors, shop fronts, car park shutters, and many other types.
  • Expert Engineering Team: Our engineers aren’t just skilled; they are fully trained and qualified, ensuring that your roller shutter repairs are in the safest and most capable hands.

Ready for Immediate Repairs Don’t let shutter problems slow down your business. Call us now to schedule an emergency repair with our expert team. Rest assured, with UK Roller Shutters, your shutter issues will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Proactive Roller Shutter Servicing and Maintenance


At UK Roller Shutters, we believe in taking a proactive approach to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your roller shutters. While emergency repairs are essential, regular servicing and maintenance are key to preventing issues before they arise.

Why Opt for Regular Servicing?

  • Preventative Care: Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, our service contracts and maintenance agreements offer a more comprehensive solution. Regular maintenance ensures everything is functioning correctly and helps avoid unexpected breakdowns.
  • Annual Roller Door Service: We recommend an annual service for all electric shutters. This is not just about ensuring smooth operation; it’s also about safety. Our thorough check ensures all parts are in good working order and your shutters are operating safely.
  • All-Inclusive Service: Our expertise isn’t limited to shutters installed by us. We’re happy to service any shutter, regardless of its origin, as long as it is in working condition at the time of the service.
  • Suitable for All Shutter Types: From simple garage doors to complex industrial roller shutters and doors, regular servicing is vital. It keeps them in excellent condition, minimizing the likelihood of costly repairs or emergency situations in the future.

Explore Our Servicing Options To learn more about our Roller Shutter Servicing and Maintenance programs, and how they can benefit you, click here. Keep your shutters in top condition with UK Roller Shutters – your partner in reliable and efficient shutter operation.

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