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High-Speed Doors for Efficient Operations Transform your workspace efficiency with our Fast Action Shutters, ideal for busy yards and critical environmental control. These doors, available in durable steel or flexible PVC, open and close at a remarkable speed of up to 3 meters per second, ensuring smooth and rapid traffic flow.

Customizable Solutions from UK Roller Shutters Our High-Speed Doors offer unparalleled customization. Choose from various sizes, materials, finishes, and trigger methods, including remote control, radar, and pressure pads. Tailored to meet your specific needs, our rapid roll shutters are the epitome of efficiency, speed, and reliability.

Safety and Technology: A Priority With safety as a top priority, our Fast Action Roller Shutters are CE-approved and designed for long-term durability. Advanced features like frequency inverter control and slow start/brake action reduce stress on the door components, ensuring longevity. We provide versatile operation options, including single and three-phase electric operation, and an uninterruptible power supply for emergencies.

Applications and Upgrades Our PVC High-Speed Doors are perfect for climate-sensitive and hygiene-critical areas such as automotive facilities, food processing plants, and high-traffic industrial sites. For enhanced security, consider upgrading to our insulated steel doors, combining robustness with high-speed functionality.

Fast Action Roller Shutters: Speed, Safety, Reliability Elevate your operational efficiency with our Fast Action Roller Shutters, designed to offer the perfect balance of speed, safety, and dependability in your work environment.

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Air Flex

Self-repairing rapid roll-up door designed for buildings where physical separation is needed & reliability is imperative

E-Speed Rapid Steel Door

E-Speed Rapid Steel does the job of two roller shutters offering both security & insulation, with speed & convenience
high speed door

Rapid Fold PVC Door

High-speed folding PVC shutter for larger openings where speed, performance and reliability are critical

Rapid Roll PVC (Self-Repair) Door

Self-repairing rapid roll-up door designed for buildings where physical separation is needed & reliability is imperative

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Rapid Roll Shutters, ideal for warehouses and industrial sites with busy entrances, open and close at a swift 3 meters per second. This speed is crucial for maintaining thermal efficiency and high sanitation standards across entry points.

These doors are designed for frequent use, offering both temperature control and hygiene maintenance – essential in environments like cold storage or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their quick operation reduces energy loss and prevents contamination spread. Additionally, they enhance security, deterring unauthorized access.

Available in various colors and finishes, and with multiple activation options like motion sensors or pull cords, these shutters are as versatile as they are functional, seamlessly integrating into your facility’s design

Dedicated After-Sales Support and Services

Beyond installation, UK Roller Shutters is committed to your satisfaction with ongoing support. Our experienced technicians provide quick and reliable maintenance and repair services, ensuring your high-speed doors always function at their best.

We also offer customisation services post-installation, adapting your shutters to meet evolving business needs. Count on us for prompt, efficient support and a dedication to keeping your operations running smoothly.

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