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Fire Rated Roller Shutters

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Enhanced Safety with Fire Rated Roller Shutters


Robust Fire Resistance and Automatic Integration: Our Fire Rated Roller Shutters are not just about robust construction; they are a critical component in enhancing fire safety measures. Designed to conform to BS EN 16034:2014 standards, these shutters provide a fire resistance level rated between 60–240 minutes. They integrate seamlessly with existing fire systems for automatic activation, ensuring effective response in the event of a fire.

Options Tailored to Your Needs:

  • Single Skin Shutters: A practical, cost-effective solution for essential fire resistance.
  • Twin Skin Shutters: These offer superior protection by significantly reducing thermal transfer, keeping areas cooler and safer.

Dual Benefits – Safety and Security: Constructed from thick steel, our fire-rated roller shutters provide not only fire resistance but also an impressive degree of security. This makes them an ideal choice for various settings, including:

  • Industrial Use: Warehouses and manufacturing plants benefit greatly from the added safety and security.
  • Commercial and Public Buildings:  Commercial buildings including schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and restaurants also utilise these shutters for their dual functionality.

Customization for Unique Architectural Needs: Recognising the diverse needs of different premises, we offer the flexibility of manufacturing fire shutters in a horizontal configuration when required. This adaptability ensures that our shutters can meet specific architectural demands while maintaining their core purpose of fire safety and security.


If you’re looking for a more discreet solution that also helps to prevent the spread of smoke, our fire curtains may be more suitable. Made from woven kevlar, our fire curtains can provide up to 120 minutes of protection against smoke and fire and can be installed in much smaller spaces. 


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Fire shutter and panel

Single Skin Fire Roller Shutters

A cost-effective way to protect openings against fire. Rated at 1-4 hours with an interface panel for fire alarm connection
horizontal roller shutter

Steel Horizontal Roller Shutter (HZT-01)

Horizontal roller shutter doors are a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for protecting space from above

Twin Skin Fire Roller Shutters

Most effective way to secure an opening against fire, offering incredible radiant heat protection with a 20dB reduction

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Our range of fire-rated shutters comes in various ratings – 60, 120, or 240 minutes, catering to diverse fire protection needs across various premises. Whether it’s a warehouse, factory, kitchen, school, or office, our fire roller shutters are designed to enhance safety in these environments.

At UK Roller Shutters, we tailor the manufacturing of these shutters to be compatible with both three-phase (415V) and single-phase (240V) power supplies, ensuring they meet the specific power requirements of your site.

fire shutter with control panel

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire-Rated Roller Shutters


Q1: What are fire rated roller shutters? A: Fire rated roller shutters are advanced protective doors designed to withstand high temperatures and impede the spread of fire. They are equipped to descend automatically in the event of a fire alarm, adding an essential layer of safety. Besides their primary function in fire protection, these shutters also serve as robust security features for your premises, providing defense against break-ins and unauthorized access.

Q2: Why should I choose a fire rated shutter? A: Choosing fire rated shutters is crucial for enhancing safety in environments prone to fire risks, like kitchens or factories, and for adhering to specific safety regulations. They also add an extra layer of security to your property.

Q3: Can fire rated shutters be customized for my premises? A: Absolutely! We specialize in customizing fire rated shutters to meet various architectural designs and operational needs, suitable for a range of building types.

Q4: How often do fire rated shutters need maintenance, and what are the legal requirements? A: Electrically operated shutters must be serviced annually as per the Health and Safety at Work Act, ensuring they remain in optimal condition and comply with legal safety standards.

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