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UK Automatic Door Services: Expert Repairs & Servicing


In the dynamic environment of businesses and public spaces, ensuring the seamless operation of your automatic doors is our top priority. With an unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency, we offer specialised maintenance services that uphold the highest standards, including adherence to BS EN 16005.

Expert Automatic Door Repairs

Prompt and effective repairs are crucial when your automatic doors face operational issues. Our team of certified technicians is equipped to diagnose and resolve problems, ensuring your doors are back to optimal functionality swiftly. We cover all aspects of automatic door repairs, from sensor adjustments and motor repairs to complete door panel replacements.

Servicing Aligned with BS EN 16005 Standards

Our comprehensive servicing program ensures each automatic door operates safely and efficiently, strictly adhering to the BS EN 16005 standards. This meticulous approach guarantees that every aspect of your automatic doors meets the highest safety and operational benchmarks.

Choose Reliability and Expertise for Your Automatic Doors

We’re dedicated to ensuring your doors embody reliability, safety, and efficiency. Opt for our comprehensive maintenance and repair contracts for a hassle-free approach to managing your automatic door needs.

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Authorised Technician Checklist & Force Tests


With every service, we provide a detailed Authorised Technician Checklist, documenting the thorough examination and servicing carried out. Our force tests, an essential component for assessing door safety and functionality, come with a comprehensive PDF Test Result, showcasing a force graph and digital outcomes, utilizing a clear PASS/FAIL system for uncompromised safety.


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Customized Maintenance and Repair Contracts


To simplify the upkeep of your automatic doors, we offer tailored maintenance and repair contracts. These plans include scheduled servicing to prevent potential issues and rapid response repairs, ensuring any problems are addressed promptly, and minimising downtime and inconvenience.


Exclusive Member Benefits


Contract members gain access to exclusive advantages, including priority repair services and discounted rates on parts and labour. Our responsive local engineering team ensures that your doors receive immediate attention, reducing any impact on your operations.


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Assurance of Warranty & Peace of Mind


Protecting your investment is straightforward with our service contracts, designed to fulfil warranty requirements and extend the life of your automatic doors. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are key to maintaining both functionality and compliance with warranty conditions.

In addition to the Force Tests, a mandatory CA/CB Reference Body Test is required to comply with BS EN 16005. This again, utilises a PASS/FAIL system. If the door does fail we will make relevant adjustments in an attempt to achieve a PASS free of charge. If a PASS is not achievable we will provide a quotation for remedial work to achieve the PASS.

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