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Product Description

Our AluMotive vehicle shutters are available with an unparalleled level of options and accessories, ensuring that whether you’re in an LDV Convoy, a UniMog, or a Luton box van, we have the solution to your security needs.

You can have an AluMotive Vehicle Shutter delivered to your door step in as little as 48 hours after placing the order, ready for you to install. All vehicle shutters are supplied with full installation instructions to ensure a smooth installation.

Typically made from aluminum, these shutters are light and will keep fuel costs and d rag down.

Ideal Uses
  • Attached to a box inside vans where the owner can keep tools and other equipment.
  • On the back or side of vans and other vehicles in order to provide a secure and quick method of access.
  • Used to compartmentalize the cargo section of vans, lorries or other vehicles.
Key Features
  • Custom made shutters to fit inside or on vans and other vehicles.
  • Manufactured from Aluminum to keep the extra weight to a minimum on the vehicle.
  • Push and pull or spring operated.
  • Many options for locks and pull handles, ensuring you can secure your vehicle exactly as you see fit.
Technical Specifications


Our vehicle shutters are made of flat-lath aluminium, with options for twin skins and insulation depending on your requirements. Each curtain is provided with Nylon end locks.


Guide channels are typically 25mm for the sort of size of shutters that are built inside vehicles. However, should you need a larger shutter, guide channels of sufficient width will be provided.


The shutters can be designed to go over-head, ensuring that you do not lose any opening room in your vehicle, however, should a box be required, they are usually 250-280mm.


Spring Loaded (push & pull) manual operation with your choice of locking mechanisms. Available mechanisms include rod lock, hasp & staple, and twin rod among others.

Options and Variations


Lath can be punched or perforated for an extra charge.


Can be Polyester powder coated in a range of standard RAL colours’ for an extra charge.

Downloads (.DWG, NBS spec, CAD drawings)

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