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Enhanced Insulation and Noise Reduction with Insulated Roller Shutters

Optimize your property’s thermal efficiency while minimizing draughts and noise pollution with our top-of-the-line insulated roller shutters. Designed to provide superior insulation, each shutter is crafted from lath filled with lightweight yet highly efficient insulating material.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Protection

Our insulated roller shutters are engineered for more than just thermal insulation. Equipped with twin brushes in the guides and robust rubber seals along the base, these features significantly enhance both insulation and sound reduction. This comprehensive design efficiently blocks draughts and diminishes noise intrusion, ensuring a well-insulated, peaceful environment in both commercial and residential settings.

Customizable Solutions for Every Need

UK Roller Shutters offers a diverse range of models to suit various requirements, including aperture size, insulation needs, and aesthetic preferences. Every insulated shutter is tailor-made to your specific dimensions and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Suitable for Diverse Applications

  • Larger Models: Ideal for loading bays, factories, and warehouses, as well as commercial properties, providing robust insulation and security.
  • Smaller Models: Perfect for domestic properties, covering windows, doors, or garages, enhancing both energy efficiency and security.

Your Partner for Enhanced Performance

Elevate the energy efficiency and security of your business or home with our insulated roller shutters. Browse our models below or contact us for personalized assistance in selecting the perfect shutter solution 👇.

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ALU-12M411 Insulated Aluminium Roller Shutter

Energy-saving solution for domestic properties. To keep heat in or cold out depending on the time of the year they're used

ALU-12M511 Insulated Aluminium Roller Shutter

“Big brother” to our ALU-12M411, for larger domestic openings to reduce heat loss/increase airflow whilst giving security

ALU-LNTL In Built Roller Shutter with Lintel

Insulated, quiet & secure. Completely hidden inbuilt lintel/guide system for new build structures only

ALU-T55 Insulated Aluminium Roller Shutter

ALU-T55 is often used for residential/commercial properties where both security & insulation are the primary concerns

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Working in a warehouse or factory has never been more comfortable than with an insulated roller shutter. These shutters are especially designed to prevent heat loss ensuring significant savings on energy costs. Along with minimising the loss of heat, insulated roller shutter doors have notable sound proofing qualities. This is especially crucial if you have residential areas near your warehouse and need to reduce the noise pollution for locals.

View our high speed doors for other solutions to heat control within your factory or warehouse. 

Insulated window shutters

Besides commercial and industrial buildings, insulated shutters are very useful when installed in private homes. During the winter months, insulated shutters are the ideal choice if you want to retain the heat and ensure your home is more secure.

View our continental window and door shutters to specifically see these models.

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