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Product Description
UK Shutters are able to provide you with a range of punched shutters and grilles so that you may protect your premises and still maintain a high level of visibility. Such a shutter, therefore, typically lends itself to the commercial industry where shop owner’s can close the building up securely and keep their merchandise on show at all times.

Electrical operation by tubular motor makes the shutter easy to use and avoids any of the Health and Safety issues that are often linked to using manually operated shutters.

There are two styles for the lath to be punched – “brickbond” or “in-line”.

Brickbond – as the name suggests, the holes are punched in a way that resembles brickwork.

“In-line” is where the holes are punched in line.

Ideal Uses
  • Commercial properties
  • Car parks
  • Areas where vision or airflow are required
Key Features
  • Can be powder coated or plastisol coated to any RAL Colour
  • Visibility and airflow of 32%
Technical Specifications


The curtain is constructed from galvanised continuously interlocked steel laths that are securely held in place by end locks. A number of thicknesses and profiles are available according to individual circumstances such as size, wind loading etc. Bottom rails are generally galvanised and roll-formed into a tee section.


Vertical guides are formed from rolled steel or fabricated dependent on size and are supplied with appropriate angles for fixing to the structure.

End Plates

Mild steel of appropriate thickness in relation to door thickness is prime painted and supplied with angles for fixing to the structure.


Our barrels are normally made from a seamless steel tube of adequate diameter to counteract deflection and hold in bearings or cups attached to the end plates.


Comes galvanised with non-galvanised parts prime painted as standard. Can be powder coated to any standard RAL/BS colour for a surcharge.


Shutters over smaller openings are typically powered by a 240-volt single-phase tubular motor whereas larger shutters are operated using a 400-volt 3-phase geared motor. Adjustable limit switches are incorporated to stop the shutter at the end of each travel.

Standard controls include open/close/stop buttons for geared motors and rocker switches on single-phase tubular motors.

Options and Variations



(Not all options are available on all size shutters)

  • Key switch
  • Radio/remote Control
  • Rocker switch
  • Timer closing
  • Loop and Radar operation
  • Smart phone
  • Swipe Card activation


  • Spring and lock operation (for smaller shutters)
  • Hand chain operation for larger shutters


A number of lath designs are available from 51mm flat lath for smaller openings to 76mm curved and 102mm flat laths for exposed and industrial locations. The laths can be perforated or punched to allow ventilation and/or provide visibility into the premises whilst maintaining the required security.


Can be Polyester powder coated or plastisol coated in a range of standard RAL colours’ for an extra charge.

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