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Punched roller shutters are named as such due to the rectuangular punched holes you can see in the roller shutter curtain. The holes allow vision and/or airflow through and can be arranged regulalry (one on top of the other), or in a “brick bond style” depending on style preferences. 

UK Shutters offer a wide range of punched security shutters which can be manufactured from aluminium or steel. The punched lath can also be combined with solid lath to achieve varying degrees of security and visibility depening on your requirements. For extra safety, our aluminium models can be manufactured with perspex minimising the risk of hands getting caught or trapped in the punches.

Punched shutters are typically found in the commercial industry so that shop owner’s can close the premises up securely whilst keeping their merchandise on show.

Electrical operation by tubular motor and keyswitch makes the shutter easy to use, but manual versions are abailable if required.

If you opt for a steel model, it is recomended it is powder coated so as to make the “punches” less sharp.

We also sell perforated models of shutter if you’d still like vision and/or airflow, but don’t like the “punched” style. 

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ALU-1237PU Punched Aluminium Shutter

Inexpensive, lightweight punched aluminium shutters for domestic & commercial applications to allow maximum visibility

ALU-12PU Punched Aluminium Shutter

A cost-effective way to allow maximum visibility, whilst restricting airflow and keeping energy bills down in any property

GLV-11PU Punched Steel Roller Shutters

Punched shutters protect your premises and allow a high level of vision, generally for commercial/industrial applications

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The punched holes are available in two styles;“brick bond” or “in-line”. In a brick bond pattern, as the name suggests, the holes are punched in a way that resembles brickwork. “In-line” is where the holes are punched in line.

If you don’t want the whole shutter to be punched, this is fine. We are able to manufacture it in such a way where only a certain percentage has holes and the rest of the shutter is made from solid lath. 


Depending on your needs, you can choose between our steel punched roller shutters and aluminium punched roller shutters. If you’re not sure about which product would suit your requirements, get in touch with our team and we’ll advise you on which material would work best.

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