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SECURABLINDS® Blast Plus Fixed Grille

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Product Description

The Securablind blast plus fixed grille is internally retrofitted to window apertures within the reveal. These blast plus blinds ensure a very high level of blast protection against the effects of blast and lethal glass shrapnel as well as debris.

Ideal Uses
  • Homes that are vulnerable to targeting and attack
  • Government buildings, specifically embassies
  • Buildings in highly dangerous regions
Key Features
  • If an explosion occurs, the blast blind can absorb the effects of a very high level of blast that would otherwise be catastrophic.
  • Polycarbonate sheet acts as a trigger, closing the blind within 10 milliseconds of the any debris or shrapnel hitting the window.
  • Comprised of an enhanced steel outer and inner frame to ensure optimum durability and resistance against explosions.
Technical Specifications

The manufacturing methods use when creating these blinds are adhered to ISO 9001:2008. Ensuring that core strength and durability is built at every manufacturing stage.


A4FG – Fixed Grille
A4DLG – Double Lock Grille
Internally fitted behind a building’s window for forced

entry prevention this SECURABLINDS® product has an

inner panel which opens to 90° into the room.

Finish: Polyester powder-coated.Polycarbonate 6 mm-thick, UV-coated on both sides.


85 mm aluminium blades, positioned at 75 mm centres.


Choose closest size under tightest aperture size -5mm. Uneven blades in the double gate panels can be made. Increments in 75mm.


A4FG Typical width: 1101 mm.
A4DLG Typical width: 1102 mm.
Can be adjusted in increments of ±75 mm; consult manufacturer for details. The amount of blades will increase with larger widths.


Typical height: 1800 mm.
Lock height is variable, dependent on overall height chosen.

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