ALU-12M511 Insulated Aluminium Roller Shutter

Product Description

This model is the “big brother” to our ALU-12M411, catering to larger domestic openings to provide insulation. It has the option of vented slats to allow airflow when at full extension meaning that dependent upon the time of year, it can be used to either reduce heat loss or increase airflow whilst also providing security. They are also used as “high quality” curtains and block out nearly 100% of all light – ideal for those of you living in big cities or busy towns.

The canopy where the shutter rolls into can come as a square or rounded option depending on your preference.

Comes in 7 standard colours: White, Brown, Cream, Fir Green, Grey, Silver or Black.

Ideal Uses
  • House windows
  • Office windows
  • Reception counters
  • Display areas
Key Features
  • Offers medium to high security
  • The ALU-12M511 offers lightweight insulation with a small head box, perfect for domestic situations.
  • Lighter than a steel shutter means less energy is needed to open them (4.5kg/m²).
  • Slat U-Value of 2.2W/m²K
Technical Specifications


Low to Medium security domestic sites with a maximum size of 8m².


Aluminium double skinned polyester powder coated slat with polyurethane foam insulating core. Optional integrated ventilation slots are available to allow light & airflow when the shutter is lowered. Hard foam version available upon request to provide improved performance.

Standard colours: White, Brown, Cream, Fir Green, Grey, Silver or Black.

Blind Surface: 55mm

Weight per m²: 4.5kg

Maximum Width: 5000mm

Maximum Surface: 12m²


Manufactured from roll formed aluminium with a stove-enamelled finish in 2 sections with a 45° chamfered hood.

Circular hood available for 165mm/205mm plates for an additional cost.

Guide Height (mm)            Plate Size (mm)
     1745                                        205
     2900                                        250
     4200                                        300


Extruded aluminium guide channels with brush inserts and extruded aluminium bottom slat with rubber weather seal. Guide channel depth will vary dependent on application, either 66mm or 75mm. See relevant CAD drawing.


Comes in 7 standard colours: White, Brown, Cream, Fir Green, Grey, Silver or Black. We also have both vented & non-vented options for the lath.


Electric: Single phase tubular motor & wall switch as standard. Numerous options such as group, remote control, mobile phone activation etc. Manual override facility as required (surcharge applies).

Options and Variations


Circular hood available for 165mm/205mm plates for an additional cost.



(Not all options are available on all size shutters)
Key switch
Radio/remote Control
Rocker switch
Timer closing
Radar operation
Smart phone
Swipe Card activation


Lath can come in solid or vented. The vented option allows the customer to let in small amounts of light & air when at the curtain’s full extension.
Downloads (.DWG, NBS spec, CAD drawings)

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