Reduce Fuel Costs This Winter With Insulated Shutters

With the colder months creeping towards us, keeping your shop, factory or warehouse warm is essential for keeping stock in the best condition it can be. Our range of insulated roller shutters is the perfect solution for adding an extra layer of protection against the cold air outside and keeping warm air in.

insulated roller shutter

GLV-INS95 Insulated Shutter 

The GLV-INS95 is the perfect insulated roller shutter for your premises, helping to improve energy efficiency and keep fuel costs low. This shutter has incredible insulating power and also provides great sound reduction which is ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

How does the GLV-INS95 shutter provide insulation?

This insulated roller shutter is made from double-skinned polyester powder coated 95mm slat with a polyurethane foam insulating foam core. The insulating core works well to add an extra layer of warmth and also works as a great barrier for sound, the ideal roller shutter for factories where loud machinery is being used throughout the day. This insulating foam core is still very lightweight which so operates very energy efficiently.

Our other popular insulated shutters

All of our roller shutters are made to measure so you’ll be able to order the perfect insulated shutter for the doorway or window size that you need. Our other insulated shutters include the GLV-INS77 shutter which is perfect for large areas that need covering, being the ideal shutter for warehouses that need an extra layer of warmth in the winter months.

We do also provide insulated shutters for domestic properties, these are often popular for garage doors and outbuildings that require some added insulation. Our ALU-T55 is an insulated aluminium roller shutter that is very popular with homeowners. Find out more about our range of roller shutter garage doors.

Are you looking for more energy efficiency tips for your business?

Why not download our free “8 Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Energy Efficient in the Winter Months” guide. These top tips should help to keep your business fuel costs low, in particular for your warehouses, factories or manufacturing plants. 

For more information about our roller shutters, get in touch by calling 01384 221743. You can also contact us online.

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