Ways to improve your business’ fire strategy

Are you struggling to think of extra ways you can improve the overall fire security for your business?

At UK Roller shutters, we want to ensure your premises and employees are kept safe and protected if a fire breaks out. We’ve put these handy tips together to ensure you know how to best prevent a fire or get to safety and protect your assets if the unfortunate happens.

Fire Extinguishers are a MUST.

Installing at least 2 Class A fire extinguishers is a must. These will ensure that any sudden outbursts of flames can be put out straight away, preventing fire spreading and taking control of the building.

Make Sure To Install Fire Shutters.

Installing fire shutters will provide an extra line of defence, allowing a fire to be contained in single rooms and helping to prevent the fire spreading dramatically between rooms. Shutters give you more control over the fire and means that there is more chance that the rest of the building will survive whilst waiting for fire services to arrive, allowing your important assets to be kept safe from a potential fire in the next room.

Fire assembly points and evacuation plans are necessary for keeping your employees safe.

Ensure all employees are aware of evacuation plans so that if fire occurs, they know where to go and what procedures should be followed. A fire assembly point is a must in any business. This should be positioned at a distance at least equal to twice the height of the building.

Prevent the spread of fire with Fire Curtains.

Fire curtains can provide a layer of defence against the flames and smoke so that evacuating a building can be made easier by ensuring that black smoke won’t reduce visibility and walkways can still be seen. They work to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and can ensure time taken for fire to spread is reduced.

Stay legal and ensure you have at least one fire alarm fitted on each floor.

Fire alarms are key to keep your employees safe when fire strikes. Ensure they are fitted throughout the property such as in corridors, main areas and kitchens. They make sure that any fire is detected immediately so all employees and staff members can take suitable action and vacate the building straight away.

Guide your employees and light the way with emergency lighting.

In case your business’ premises are completely engulfed in smoke, make sure that emergency lighting is in place. So, if electricity is cut or lighting fails, exit routes can be clearly seen and can be found by employees through any thick smoke so exiting the property is easily navigable and safe.

Put out any fire, FAST with sprinklers.

Sprinkler installation is another fire safety strategy which can trigger when the building reaches a predetermined heat level. This allows the fire to be automatically putout by spraying water to dampen the contents and put out the blaze.

Got important documents that need to be saved? Keep them in a safe!

Ensure that important documents are kept in a fire proof safe. If these are lost it could be detrimental for your business. The safe should be kept in a room with either fire rated shutters or a fire curtain. These provide an additional barrier against the destruction of crucial company documents from fire is maintained.


At UK Roller shutters we offer a range of fire protection solutions that can be used in an extensive variety of sectors including schools, hospitals, offices, restaurants, shopping centres and more, contact us today on [email protected] or 01384 221743

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