What are Bomb Blast Blinds?

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What are Bomb Blast Blinds and Why Does My Building Need Them?

Nowadays, modern buildings in the UK and most parts of the world are built with large windows. Aside from the fact that large windows are aesthetically pleasing and are commonly used in modern architectural design, the idea is also to maximise the natural light coming into the buildings.

Large windows with large glass screens could pose potential hazards if they shatter. In the event of an explosion or bomb blast, broken glass windows often mean serious injuries and death are inflicted on occupants from flying shards of glass and shrapnel. This can be avoided with the use of bomb blast protection window film or bomb blast blinds.

Bomb blast blinds are your first line of defence from exploding and shattering glass, and every high-risk building should have them for safety purposes.

How do Bomb Blast Blinds work?

When an explosion or bomb blast occurs, a shock wave is sent in all directions from the point of the explosion. It is this force that shatters windows and sends shards of glass and shrapnel flying in all directions. However, with Bomb blast blinds, this same shock wave breaks the glass and forces the bomb blast protection film to shut the blinds automatically. Once these blinds are shut, glass shards and shrapnel are prevented from getting into the building and causing injuries to people within.

Additionally, when Bomb blast blinds are not protecting you from glass shards and shrapnel, they also double as actual blinds and can protect you from forced entry. For day-to-day use, they work just like your regular Venetian blinds. Bomb blast blinds do nothing to take away from the aesthetics of your building. They protect your building and people while remaining aesthetically pleasing and structurally compliant.

Bomb Blast Blind Fitting

The blinds are fitted internally behind windows in the building—much like regular blinds. This position ensures that they are in the way of all dangerous shrapnel, glass and bomb debris flying into the building in the event of a bomb blast or explosion. We offer an installation service, so you can sit back and let us install your Securablinds to comply with health and safety legislations.

Protection Provided by Bomb Blast Blinds

Bomb blast blinds provide high-level protection to infrastructure and occupants of a building in the event of a bomb blast. They protect against glass shards, shrapnel, bomb debris, forced entry and unwanted sunlight. They are a must-have for any building where there is a need for the highest levels of security, prevention and intervention.

Buildings Better Suited for Bomb Blast Blinds

These blinds are best suited to buildings that could be likely terrorist targets, such as embassies, consulates, sealed off compounds in dangerous areas and government or commercial property located in regions that may be at relatively high risk of attack. They are also suited to homes situated in areas like these. The blinds can be tailored to suit your specifications. All you need to do is tell our team what you need, and we will recommend the best product from our Securablinds range. The blinds can then be tailored to fit into any windows you may have in your building.

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