10 Top Tips to Prevent Commercial Car & Garage Burglaries

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Preventing Commercial Car Garage Theft is Difficult as these are Prime Target for Theft.

We’ve put this list of tips together to give you some ideas of systems, products and devices you can use to add to your overall anti-theft strategy.


Installing CCTV is a must when it comes to preventing theft. If potential burglars see that you have CCTV cameras (even if they’re fake ones) this can be a massive turn away and often makes thieves think twice before attempting a break-in. These can also identify criminals if the unfortunate happens and helps to provide evidence against them.

2. Anti-theft Paint

Anti-theft paint makes surfaces virtually un-climbable, deterring potential intruders due to it’s thick, slippery, non-drying properties. This paint can also mark hands and clothing which, if a break-in occurs, can leave potential evidence to be collected such as fingerprints and clothing fibres.

3. Locks

Ensuring you have the right locks fitted to your commercial car garage can ensure that lock picking and snapping is extremely difficult. Avoid the use of padlocks as these can easily be cut with a bolt cutter. There are a range of locks available that have been recommended and approved by the police.

4. Motion Sensor Lights

Motion censored lights are a must, these light areas up at night that may otherwise be hidden and a prime target for thieves to attempt break-ins. These can also act as a deterrent, thieves will become aware that other people may be able to see them break-in due to the area being lit up, therefore making them think twice and turn away.

5. Burglar Alarms

Having a burglar alarm is a must when it comes to deterring thieves. By fitting an alarm and ensuring that it’s set every night, burglars will be scared off. Installing burglar alarms can also reduce your insurance premiums. These alarms are a great investment.

6. Roller Shutters

Installing high-security roller shutters can act as a great line of defence against burglars. They come in a range of security ratings and are police approved with a Secured By Design certification. Protect your commercial car garage with the UK’s best high-security roller shutters. View the UK Roller Shutters high-security roll-up door range.

7. Safes for Expensive Tools

It’s a good idea to keep any smaller expensive tools in a safe overnight to avoid them being taken if break-in occurs. Tools are the main target thieves look at when breaking into commercial car garages so by keeping your most valuable tools locked away provides another layer of defence against theft.

8. Keep your Money out of the Premises

If you can, we recommend ensuring all money is taken from the premises overnight either by the owner or trusted employee or you can arrange a money collecting service such as G4S that will take your home away and bank it for you, reducing threat for you and your employees as well as the possibility of money being taken if burglars gain entry.

9. Anit-Tamper Sensors on a Money Safe that Triggers an Alarm

If you don’t have the ability to take money out nightly, purchasing an anti-tamper alarmed safe is a great option. These trigger an alarm if any form of tamper is detected. By trigger this alarm, burglars will be scared away.

10. Smart Water System

Smart water acts as an effective criminal deterrent. It comes in either a liquid or spray form, these invisible substances contain a unique forensic code that is registered to the premises. The SmartWater is almost impossible to remove and can be analysed and traced back to the scene of the crime. This SmartWater can be integrated into an alarm system that once triggered by an intruder, the SmartWater sensor actives and sprays the invisible forensic liquid, marking the burglar’s skin, hair or clothing.

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