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Our SR4-rated shutters are designed for ultimate fortification, tailored to resist even the most forceful entry attempts using high-level tools such as sledgehammers, steel wedges, disc grinders, and jigsaws. Certified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), these shutters have surpassed the stringent requirements of the LPS 1175 standard, showcasing their ability to withstand severe breaches. This level of certification involves an exhaustive examination of the shutters’ capability to hold against aggressive methods of forced entry, assessing the durability needed to prevent access through the creation of an entry point measuring at least 400mm by 225mm.

Our SR4 shutters represent a leap in security technology, offering unparalleled protection against highly determined intruders equipped with sophisticated tools. We provide a selection of SR4 shutters in various designs, materials, and locking mechanisms, ensuring that our clients do not have to compromise between high-level security and aesthetic preferences.

For those tasked with safeguarding sensitive or high-value premises, our SR4-rated shutters offer a solution that combines state-of-the-art security features with flexibility in design and application.


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ALU1 Range – LPS1175 SR5 (130mm)

ALU1 Range – LPS1175 SR4 (130mm)

The ALU1-SR4(130) shutter, suitable for high-security commercial use across 1m² to 90m², meets LPS 1175 (Issue 8) standards with an upgradable SR5 option, featuring anti-lift technology and requiring internal, face-fixed installation for maximum security.
Intimidator Range - LPS1175 SR4 being tested

Intimidator Range – LPS1175 SR4

The Intimidator IR4 Industrial Door sets a new standard in security and efficiency, achieving LPS 1175 Issue 8 D10 (SR4) with eco-friendly and quiet features for diverse environments.

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Our premium security shutters, tailored to shield a building’s most vulnerable sections, ensure formidable defense for both windows and doors. Esteemed by banking institutions, the Ministry of Defence, and military clientele, these shutters are distinguished by an SR4 rating within the LPS1175 certification framework, affirming superior protection levels for your enterprise.

Intimidator SR1 testing

Upgrade your defense with our shutters certified to the SR4 level of the LPS1175 standards, designed for exceptional safety. Representing more than a mere protective measure, these shutters stand as a testament to unwavering security, becoming the preferred option for sectors where high-level protection is paramount. Suited for the safeguarding of valuable assets and delivering serenity, our SR4-rated LPS1175 shutters integrate flawlessly with any architectural aesthetic, offering both top-notch security and visual appeal

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