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Our SR2-rated shutters set a new benchmark for security, rigorously tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to ensure they stand firm against heightened forced entry attempts and unauthorized access. In accordance with the LPS 1175 standard, this detailed evaluation scrutinizes the shutters’ resistance to escalated threats, specifically targeting the usage of tools with greater mechanical advantage such as bolt cutters and drills, which marks a significant advancement from SR1’s defense against more basic tools.

The LPS 1175 protocol meticulously measures the time required to breach the shutter to create an entry point of a minimum elliptical shape measuring 400mm by 225mm. This process affirms that our SR2 shutters are specially fortified to counter more determined opportunistic attacks, offering a higher level of protection than our SR1 models.

Tailored to encompass a wide range of security needs, our SR2 collection provides diverse options that include advanced materials and locking mechanisms, all designed to exceed the specific requirements of our customers. Whether the concern is maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your premises, staying within budget, or requiring superior security features, our SR2-rated shutters represent a reliable upgrade.


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ALU1 Range – LPS1175 SR2 (77mm)

The ALU1-SR2(77) provides top security for up to 25m² commercial spaces, with SR2 rating, optional transparency features, and designed for internal installation.
Intimidator Range - LPS1175 SR2

Intimidator Range – LPS1175 SR2

The Intimidator IR2 merges premier security with energy efficiency, achieving LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3 (SR2) certification in a versatile design for diverse settings.
High security roller shutters

LPSSHUT Range – LPS1175-SR2 (76mm)

Our most cost effective SR2 rated security rated shutter (tested to LPS1175 SR2). Manual locking option only.

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Our elite security shutters, tailored to bolster the defense of a building’s most at-risk areas, provide comprehensive protection for both windows and doors. Favored by financial institutions, governmental defense agencies, and armed forces, these shutters come with an SR2 rating under the LPS1175 certification, offering enhanced security assurance for your commercial needs.

Intimidator SR1 testing

Boost your premises’ security with our shutters certified to LPS1175 standards, designed for unmatched safety. More than just a protective barrier, these shutters symbolize a commitment to absolute security, earning the trust of sectors demanding the highest level of protection. Perfect for protecting valuable assets and offering tranquility, our shutters are compatible with various architectural designs, ensuring both robust security and visual harmony.

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