How can fly screen installation be a benefit for my home?

In the UK last year, summer temperatures soared and this warm climate probably resulted in you sharing your home with a few unwanted guests.

Mosquitoes and flies are nobody’s friend and they make a lousy house visitor, especially in summer. There are many things that we can do to prevent them from getting into our homes, however in reality, many of us do quite the opposite and open our doors and windows to them on a daily basis.

Unless you are blessed with a brilliant air-conditioning system, it is likely that you keep windows and doors open for ventilation on a hot day. This is where a fly screens for window and patio doors come in. At UK Roller Shutters we offer a full range of fly screens and insect shutters that could be perfect for your home.

What Are They?

Retractable fly screens are add-ons placed on windows and doors that help prevent insects from entering your home. Screens used on these home add-ons have very small spaces due to the materials (PVC and glass fibre) being weaved to allow 66% visibility, this means they can prevent insects from entering your property. Without any space to pass through, your home will stay bug free and protect yourself from potential health problems that they can bring.

Fly screens are perfect for covering windows and patio doors in domestic properties, especially for homes that are located near lakes and ponds as these are usually very fly dense areas. Installing fly screens can protect your home from becoming covered in flies in the hot summer months.

The Benefit For Your Home

The basic benefits of these screens for your home are that, they prevent insects from gaining entry and protect you from health problems these insects can bring as well as keeping your home clean, hygienic and free of flies. Fly screens also give you the benefit of proper ventilation and sunlight is kept to a maximum so alongside keeping insects outside the house, you can keep your windows open without any worries about bugs entering. At UK Roller Shutters our specialist fly screens come with a range of options and variations.

Natural Ventilation

There are summer days when you may wish to let fresh air inside the house for relaxation, but the presence of insects prevents them from doing so. Owning these fly screens will help you enjoy natural ventilation without insects bugging their daily activities.


Saves Money

Insects are not only a nuisance, they can also be dangerous due to allergies to bites and stings. These insect protectors are a great investment because they will offer you all of the protection that you need for an affordable price.

Fly on fly screen

High Visibility

Due to the materials that are used in the manufacture of fly screens, they allow for 66% visibility meaning that there is no issue with limited sunlight.


Tropical Climate Insect Disease Protection

Fly screens are used to great effect on holiday homes in tropical climates where more serious diseases such as Malaria are carried and transmitted by insects and mosquitos. Fly screens can offer protection for you and your family whilst on holiday, ensuring insects are kept out of your holiday home. These still allow for sunlight to get in and air flow is kept to a maximum.


Installing fly screens will provide a lot of benefits to your home. Here at UK Roller Shutters we offer a range of retractable screening options depending on your requirements such as size, sound reduction, security level and colour alongside many other factors. We recommend that you prepared for the flies before it’s too late after predictions for another hot summer in the UK have been released.

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