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The UK Government believes that terrorism presents a serious and sustained threat to the United Kingdom and UK interests abroad.

If a bomb blast occurs in an urban area, the resulting damage to building glazing systems is often the cause of injuries. Therefore, it is important for building owners and occupants to assess whether any additional precautions are necessary to reduce the risk of damage from a bomb blast.

Consequently, we’re proud to supply Securablinds® bomb blast blinds. These blast curtains achieve incomparable toughness and explosion absorption to shield infrastructure, clients and staff members. After rigorous testing, our explosion proof blinds are resilient to a range of blast threats in compliance with Home Office standards.

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SECURABLINDS® Blast Fixed Grille and Double Lock Grille

Grilles designed to stop shrapnel, glass & debris from entering as well as working amazingly against forced entry

SECURABLINDS® Blast Plus Fixed Grille

Blast Plus Grilles ensure effective protection against blasts & lethal glass shrapnel, as well as debris

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Securablinds® Bomb Blast Blinds offer full explosion protection for windows on high bomb threat buildings. These bomb blast protection shutters are the ideal solution for buildings such as embassies, government buildings and properties in high threat areas and war zones.

These blast defence blinds also provide protection against forced entry so also act as a more common security protection solution. Adding to overall security protection strategy, these bomb protection shutters can withstand such high levels of attack and comply with standards set by the UK Home Office.


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