Shutter Technology: Remote-controlled Aluminium Roller Shutters

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Domestic or Commercial Use

In a domestic environment well-fitted shutters can provide complete darkness when you’re sleeping, which can be very important particularly in urban areas where street lamps can shine through the curtains and their reflected glow fills the sky.

They can also give you extra privacy when you wish to be outside the public gaze. For commercial purposes, aluminium shutters provide additional security and resilience for large plate-glass windows in city streets where accidental damage or vandalism can be a problem, especially out of hours when people are drunk and boisterous.

They can also be used for providing additional hardened shells for factory and warehouse premises away from main thoroughfares.

Use of Aluminium

Aluminium is light and easy to maintain, requiring only occasional soap and water to keep it clean. It provides tough exterior protection comparable to steel but without the heavy weight, making it ideally suited to domestic or light commercial use as it can also be made to look more pleasant and less threatening.

Aluminium is resilient in even the harshest climatic conditions and with our ever-changing climate, aluminium shutters can provide substantial protection against inclement weather and noise, as well as providing insulation from drafts.

Why Remote Control?

Manual shutters are all very well but if you have more than a couple of windows, raising each one by hand can be a drag. You have to walk round doing each in turn and it can take time out of your day. And what happens if you need to shut them all in a hurry?

Naturally if you can raise them manually, it’s probable that others with less-good intentions can do likewise so whilst manually raised doors still offer considerable protection, a modern set of shutters operated electrically by remote control can offer much more in terms of security and efficiency.

The other great advantage of remote-controlled shutters is they can be used to provide security and flexibility for more difficult-to-reach locations such as landing windows, high-up panels and skylights where manually shutting blinds or curtains require stretching or the use of a ladder with the risk of accidental injury.

Wherever they’re located, electric remote-controlled shutters require much less physical effort to raise, as they use a three-phase motor to give rapid and smooth operation. You simply press a button on a remote control handset to operate all your shutters simultaneously.

As with other household technology, electronic shutter remote controls operate using radio waves and can be effective at a range of up to thirty metres, even where there’s an obstruction. If suitably equipped panels are installed, each shutter can be operated individually for flexibility or all of them at once for speed.

The latest technology allows them to be set up to operate automatically on a timer so as to give the appearance you’re home when you’re not. You can even set them up to be operated from your computer via a USB link so you can control the shutters on your home individually from the other side of the world!

Made to your Needs

Remote-controlled shutters can operate with battery, solar or mains power supplies to maximise efficiency even in difficult-to-reach areas.

Bespoke shutters can be manufactured to fit the existing window and door apertures of your building or alternatively can be provided as a built-in solution for new properties. For further information get in touch with UK Roller Shutters today by calling 01384 221743 or contact us online.

For more information about our roller shutters, get in touch by calling 01384 221743. You can also contact us online.