A Guide To Installing Your Roller Shutter

Find out how to install your roller shutter

Correct installation is key to the operation and security of your roller shutter. Improperly fitted, the strength and integrity of your roller shutter is weakened, leading to compromised security measures.

The best way to ensure the proper installation of your roller shutter is through the services of a professional fitter. If you have experience fitting roller shutters, it is possible to install your new roller shutter yourself. The following guide is designed to help you, providing instruction and advice so that your roller shutter is as secure as possible.

What does the installation guide contain?

Our installation guide is made up of two main sections: general information and installation instructions.

General information includes a symbols key, warranty information, and a tools checklist, as well as a section on general safety advice.

The installation instructions contains detailed information on how to install our different kinds of roller shutters to the required standards.

Please note: UK Roller Shutters would always recommend using a professional fitter to install your shutter. The following manual should be used as a guideline for those who are already confident in shutter installation.

Roller shutter installation video

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