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UK Shutters are able to provide you with a range of punched shutters and grilles so that you may protect your premises and still maintain a high level of visibility. Such a shutter, therefore, typically lends itself to the commercial industry where shop owner’s can close the building up securely and keep their merchandise on show at all times. Electrical operation by tubular motor makes the shutter easy to use and avoids any of the Health and Safety issues that are often linked to using manually operated shutters.

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These punched roller shutters are very popular in the hospitality and retail sector. With lots of options available, there are two styles for the lath to be punched – “brick bond” or “in-line”. Brick bond – as the name suggests, the holes are punched in a way that resembles brickwork. “In-line” is where the holes are punched in line.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between our steel punched roller shutters and aluminium punched roller shutters. If you’re not sure about which product would suit your requirements, get in touch with our team and we’ll advise you on which shutters could work best.

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