High Security Car Park Shutter

High security car park shutters are necessary for secure car parks where protection from break-ins and car theft is a must. Excellent at protecting assets with SR2 security ratings, you can be sure that cars & motorbikes will be kept safe and secure at all times of day.

However, these high security car park roller shutters also have great airflow features meaning exhaust fumes are free to flow outside. Whilst achieving high security these secure car park shutters keep fumes inside to a minimum.

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Car parks are one of the most crucial areas that require the most security. They have cars of such high value inside and it is essential that they are protected by the best of the best shutters. High security car park roller shutters are the perfect choice. These shutters provide maximum security while also making sure that there is proper airflow. A car park that has numerous cars parked inside it can quickly become overheated and can cause problems and damage to the cars. Therefore, having proper airflow is important.

The high security car park roller shutters have a system that is self-locking. This means that you do not have to attach additional padlocks to secure them in place. it also comes with perforation which makes it the absolute best choice for any car park that needs maximum security. The security car park shutters are made of aluminium which makes them light in weight as well providing more convenience.