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Why You Need Warehouse Window Shutters for your Business Premises

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Factory & Warehouse Window Shutters

Factories and warehouses hold valuable machinery and large quantities of stock. Keeping this safe from theft and damage is extremely important. Warehouse window shutters and roller shutters for factories are a great solution to protect your premises from break-ins. Warehouse window shutters add an extra layer of protection which adds to the time it will take for thieves to break-in.

Factories and warehouses are usually vast buildings with high roofs. This leads to very high heating costs and poor energy efficiency. Any heat that may be created usually tends to exit building fast. Due to this, great insulation is needed to ensure that workers, stock and machines aren’t kept too cold, especially in the winter. By installing window roller shutters on your warehouse or factory, you will be adding an extra layer of insulation to prevent drafts and add warmth to buildings that have thin windows with poor energy efficiency.

The manufacturing materials used to create window shutters include aluminium and steel. We can help you choose the material for your window shutters depending on the needs and functions of the business. The activities that are taking place in the building
that requires window shutters are also important factors that we consider when recommending roller shutters for businesses. Our shutters can be fine-tuned to fit the purpose you desire. We provide a variety of warehouse window shutter designs for your warehouse or factory.

Here are a few reasons why you should need to install window shutters in your factory or warehouse:

Warehouse Window Shutters Size & Fitting

Our shutters are made to fit your aperture. They are made to be internally retro-fitted and can be installed in the small space above windows on warehouses, factories and other buildings.

Insect Protection

Our window shutters can be made to include a fly screen that is designed to keep wasps, mosquitos and other insects out, keeping your factory insect & germ-free.

Shutter Construction Material

The material options available for your warehouse or factory window shutters are aluminium, PVC and steel. You can pick from a wide range of features like strength and durability, depending on your needs.

Window Security

These window shutters allow you to add extra security to your premises. Helping towards your overall security strategy. Preventing break-ins and stopping intruders from gaining access to your factory or warehouse is very important. With window shutters, you can prevent forced entry with a range of certified “SecuredByDesign” security ratings.

Temperature Control

Window shutters also allow you to control the environment in your property better; keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Controlling the temperature in factories is very important so ensuring that you have the right insulation in place is a must. Window shutters add an extra layer of insulation to improve your energy efficiency rating.

With UK Roller Shutters window shutters, you will combine security, aesthetic, air control, insect and germ protection as well as insulation for your factory or warehouse.

If you need help deciding on the window shutters you need for your premises. Please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to recommend the perfect window shutter model for your warehouse requirements.

For more information about our roller shutters, get in touch by calling 01384 221743. You can also contact us online or via email at sales@ukrollershutters.com.