How Can I Increase the Security of my Business Premises?

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Securing your business is essential. From property damage to business disruption, the cost of experiencing a burglary is high for affected companies. Eager to protect your investment and business, you may be thinking of ways to increase your company’s security. But where should you start and what security options should you invest in? Here are some of the best ways to keep your business premises secure from criminal activity.

Insurance-approved Roller Shutters

Whether you own a shop, a warehouse or a salon, roller shutters are a fantastic way to keep your business secure. They act as a shield to physically prevent burglars from entering your premises, helping to keep your business safe and secure. Not only that, but they’re also are a great visual deterrent. They hide your goods from the view of opportunistic thieves, and they will deter intruders by making access to your premises extremely difficult. However, if you want to have your products on show for marketing uses, you can get transparent roller shutters.

One further bonus is that roller shutters could actually reduce the amount of your annual commercial property insurance. In fact, insurers regard insurance-approved roller shutters as a guarantee of the security level of your premises, which could result in significantly reduced property insurance rates.

CCTV and Alarm Systems

Installing a good CCTV and alarm system is a must for any business. If your building is obviously well secured with a clearly advertised CCTV and alarm system, burglars will think twice before entering your premises. Should an intruder attempt to gain access, not only will your alarm system inform the authorities but your CCTV system will provide images of the culprits to the police, aiding identification and prosecution.

Know Your Staff and Visitors

Not all security threats come from intruders breaking into your property, so it’s wise to be aware who’s entering and leaving your business at all times. Start with your employees. Employee theft can happen unfortunately, so always make sure you manage your stock correctly and consider implementing CCTV within your store.

Make sure to keep track of all visitors that enter and leave your building – if you have a manned reception desk, think about implementing a signing in/out book and visitor pass system. If your company has unmanned entry points, a key card system is a good idea. This ensures that only authorised personnel and employees can enter your business premises.

Secure Your Valuables

Don’t make it easy for opportunistic thieves, always secure your business valuables. Start by ensuring all portable or mobile devices are always secured or locked away. Laptops, tablets and other mobile devices are easy targets for thieves. Using a property identification system is another good idea. An invisible pen or laser will mark all valuable items, and the make, model and serial number should be recorded. This will help ensure that any stolen valuables can be tracked and returned easily.

Think About the Perimeter

With so much emphasis on securing the inside of your business, you may forget to secure your perimeter. This can really make a difference in deterring would-be burglars. Security lighting is essential, especially for premises with company car parks. It will ensure your premises are well lit and highly visible, making it harder for intruders to enter without being noticed and will help you staff feel more secure when arriving or leaving in the dark. For businesses with a large enough perimeter, anti-climb fencing is a great idea.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Commercial property insurance is essential for any business although it can prove costly. Insurance-approved security measures will significantly reduce your insurance premiums, and are really worth the additional investment. It’s also important to take regular detailed inventories of all business assets and take pictures of any high-cost valuables. Should a theft or burglary occur, this will ease the process of making an insurance claim.

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