Which roller shutters does my business need?

Are you on the hunt for roller shutter doors?

Sometimes choosing the right roller shutter for your application can be hard, with so many products on offer and so many options and variants to choose from it can feel overwhelming. We understand that choosing the right shutter is essential and there are many factors that come into play that may be crucial for you to choose from.

Are you looking for fire protection?

Fire shutters are one of our most popular shutters, they provide incredible radiant heat protection and prevent the spread for fire across buildings for up to 240 minutes. These fire-rated roller shutters are popular in restaurants, workplace and school canteens, warehouses, loading bays and factories. 

Is security your main concern?

Our secure roller shutters are available in a range of security ratings depending on your needs, you can find out more about those security accreditations in this guide. We offer Secured By Design shutters, this police accredited range of shutters that provide great protection against break-ins. Popular for shops and other commercial premises, these shutters can protect your buildings most vulnerable openings and provide you with added security protection that may reduce the cost of your insurance. 

Are you looking to improve your business fuel efficiency?

Our range of insulated roller shutters is the perfect solution for businesses looking to cut fuel costs down, especially in the winter. These insulated shutters for windows and doors provide an extra layer of protection from the outside with their polyurethane foam insulating core. They can help to keep the warm air in and cold air out in the winter and vice versa in the summer.

Do you need to prevent flies and other insects entering your building?

Whether you live near a lake or in a hot country where flies, mosquitoes and insects commonly enter your home or if you’re looking for a way of preventing small pests from entering your restaurant’s kitchen, our fly screens and insect shutters are the ideal solution. We provide insect screens for windows and doors or dual fly screens and shutters if you’re looking for added security protection too. 

Are you after shutters that can provide great sound reduction?

Our acoustic roller shutters offer a reduction of sound up to 50 decibels. A popular option for industrial buildings such as workshops and factories where loud machinery is used throughout the day. These are also great for exhibition and concert halls, these can provide a break between two or more areas of a building and reduce loud noise a considerable amount.

If you’re still stuck wondering what shutters you should choose, why not use our product recommendation tool below or you could also download out guide all about “Choosing the right roller shutter for your business.”

For more information about our roller shutters, get in touch by calling 01384 221743. You can also contact us online.

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