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Manual vs. Electric Roller Shutters: Which DO You Need?

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Manual or Electric?

Up to a certain width and height you’ll typically get a choice whether to have manually operated or electric roller shutters, but once the shutters pass a certain size and weight limit they’ll need to be electrically operated.

This can be done ordinarily by means of a touch keypad but they can also be supplied with finger readers or digital code-entry systems where there is a need for greater security. Most electric doors will also come with a manual override in case of emergency.

Manual Shutters

Manual roller shutters can be the perfect way to bring the convenience and security of roller shutters to your home or office at an affordable price. For most domestic and office environments where window and door apertures are relatively small and easy to reach, they can offer a good basic shutter without any fuss.

They are particularly suitable where there are only a couple of small doors or windows, such as a small shop front that needs opening and closing once a day. At UK Roller Shutters we currently supply a wide range of manually operated roller shutters, contact our team for advice on which one will suit your business.

Typically manual roller shutters will be operated by a system of cranks and winders and where the shutters are quite large operating them can be a very physical task. This is why manual roller shutters are ideal for smaller businesses and not ideal for places such as large loading bays. In situations where one person needs to open a large number of shutters they can also be very impractical, and it’s these situations for which you may need to consider electric shutters.

Electric Shutters

Electrically operated roller shutters provide you with all the same benefits as manually operated ones with added ease of use. This can be important in the domestic environment, for example, where every door and window in the house is covered as they can be operated together rather than leaving you walking around operating each one in turn.

Such is the nature of electrical operation in fact, that with the right equipment and programming they can be set to operate automatically at a given time, or even controlled individually from your laptop.

However it’s in industrial situations that modern electrically operated roller shutters really come into their own. For most industrial or commercial premises with large loading bays on highly dispersed sites, electrically operated roller shutters are a great way of maximising efficiency.

Electric roller shutters are usually powered by a small motor connected up to an electricity supply; naturally this can be a mains connection but they can also be battery powered. Increasingly devices such as roller shutters can be powered by solar energy produced from their own dedicated solar panel.

With electrically operated roller shutters it’s also possible for them to be controlled remotely, whether by someone on the spot from a keypad or even from a nearby office building making operation far easier and more convenient at industrial sites where it’s impractical to run down the stairs and open the loading bay as the truck is backing up. Naturally this of course means they are also more suitable for use in remote locations such as roof lights and areas of contamination risk where it can be difficult or dangerous for personnel to gain access.

UK Roller Shutters

For more information about the advanced security features and readily programmable functionality of electric roller shutters, or the simplicity and affordability of the manual version, get in touch with UK Roller Shutters today, contact us online or call 01384 221743.