Aluminium Roller Shutters vs. Steel Roller Shutters

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It is not accident that we see more and more shutter products along UK residential and commercial streets. The increase in demand of these strong, flexible and durable products is all about that extra layer of protection and safety that is necessary today.

There is no right answer to the debate over steel shutters vs. aluminium shutters. Every homeowner and every business owner has their own ideas about what they need to accomplish.

From lightweight to heavyweight protection and from solid exterior to see through or marketing shutters, there is much to consider when selecting the best shutters and grilles.

Buyers who shop for the most appropriate shutter or grille options usually make their final choice based on these factors:

  • Security challenges in the area
  • Security benefits of the product
  • Aesthetic standards and objectives
  • Type property or merchandise being protected
  • Display capabilities for the store front or business
  • Light duty vs. heavy duty construction
  • Cost and budget – always a consideration

The Finest Lightweight Shutter Solution

When it comes to lightweight shutter solutions, it is impossible to outperform a well-constructed, lightweight aluminium roller shutter. These shutters provide the desired physical barrier and visual barrier that give the retail shop owner, commercial business owner and residential homeowner peace of mind and protection. This is an affordable way to protect those you love and the property you want protected. The beauty of aluminium is it is not blatantly obvious, does not attract graffiti harassment but does offer outstanding mid-range security at a favourable price.

Like all roller shutters, this extra layer of defence does not occupy a lot of space. The shutter can roll up and let your store front look just the way you intended. Office workers can enjoy the sun and shop workers can be open and welcoming to the public.

Manufacturers have responded to customer comments and today’s aluminium roller shutters can be finished most attractively and to the client’s specifications Powder coating in the colours of the store’s colours or business brand is a popular trend. This avoids the grey metal exterior that some consumers might interpret as an “out-of-business” or closed operation.

If the business or shop has a distinctive brand, the owners can convert his or her aluminium roller shutter into an advertising gem. Passers-by patrons will stop in awe to notice your brand emblazoned on your lightweight roller shutter during your off hours. No more concerns that your business being closed and an attractive billboard to boot. For business in high traffic area, this marketing tool can usually pay the cost of the roller shutter in short order.

See-Through Shutters

See through grilles can be a step down in overall security but will still protected the window’s glazing and provide more security than if there were no door or window covering. The advantage of this affordable protection is that potential customers can view displays in a store front or auto dealership without having direct access to the window.

If your business is in an area where shoppers are on the street day and night, the see-through shutter just might be the product for you. You may want to consider aluminium glazed shutters.

High Security Steel Shutters

For all the security your business needs, consider the heavy duty security steel roller shutter. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, this is the roller shutter that is the staple of security. When you desire to shut the business for the day or for an extended period, this roller shutter just says no to would-be burglars and curiosity seekers.

These steel shutters are most popular in areas where crime rates are up and where appearance is not the main concern. Many small shops and garages choose this security shutter to protect their essential and valuable equipment. This investment in your business security will pay big dividends if you are never robbed again!

Roller shutter construction is amazingly efficient and compact. For a boost to your security, start shopping for the right roller shutter today.

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