5 Things You Didn’t Know About Horizontal Roller Shutters

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From adding extra warmth to a handy storage solution; here are 5 things you didn’t know about our horizontal roller shutters range.

1. They can be added near enough anywhere

One of the key benefits of horizontal shutters is they can be added to almost any structure. Our horizontal roller shutters are made to measure allowing us to customise each roller shutter based on sizing. You can rely on horizontal shutter doors to be installed upon whatever sized aperture you have. Horizontal shutter doors are an easy and simple solution to covering complex or unusual-sized apertures.

2. Extra Heat in the Winter

Roller shutter insulation; an added benefit to fitting horizontal roller shutters to your space. Horizontal roller shutters act as an extra barrier effectively increasing insulation and preventing heat loss. Roller shutters are ideal for businesses that are based outdoors such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial premises where building usually have high ceilings and poor insulation. Our roller shutter range will not only add extra security but also enhance insulation, helping to improve energy efficiency and keeping fuel costs low.

3. Security

Horizontal roller shutters offer a permanent solution to securing valued premises such as those which are used for storing commercial and manufacturing goods. With various options of material available for your horizontal roller shutters, you can rely on them to suit your business appearance whilst provided added security.

Horizontal shutters provide business owners with a peace of mind knowing their commercial assets are secure out of hours. Made from resistant materials and available in various colours, horizontal roller shutters are a reliable tool to protect and secure. Invest in horizontal roller shutters to maintain maximum protection from theft.

4. Swimming Pool Cover

Horizontal roller shutters are also a popular choice for covering swimming pools to protect children from falling in the water when unsupervised. They are a trusted method used to seal off an area and help to prevent access. With various options of colour and material available, your new swimming pool roller shutter is a crucial safety preventive tool which also looks great visually, blending in with your surrounding landscape.

5. Storage Solution

Roller shutter storage; made to measure and fitted to that difficult storage space you need to secure. We provide custom-made roller shutters designed to fit all types of structures from brick to glass and PVC. We can install roller shutters into any space to securely store your business’ valuables. From small storage rooms to sealing off stairways, horizontal roller shutters offer a tailored solution to purchasing storage products in standard sizes.

If you want to know more about our range of horizontal roller shutters, please do get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help!

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