Do I Need Planning Permission for Roller Shutter Installation?

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  • The aesthetic appeal of the shutters you select for your property. If the selection compromises the value of the properties surroundings yours, the council may ask you to consider alternative choices that are deemed to have more aesthetic appeal.
  • The quality of the shutters. You should be sure to include manufacturing specifications for the shutters of your choice. If the council is assured of the quality, they are more likely to approve your project.
  • Stress the security aspect of installing your shutters. This has undeniable appeal to your council and roller shutters are accepted to be an excellent crime deterrent.
  • Emphasise that shutters explicitly discourage the creation of distasteful and unplanned graffiti. In most cases, where there is any resistance, security grilles are much more likely to be accepted than are flat of closed shutters.

It is worth noting that many roller grilles and shutters can be installed internally. By installing internally, commercial and residential property owners can completely eliminate the need to submit the project before a council for review. You have the right to install shutters without review or permission if you choose shutters that can be installed internally.

Of course, if the property is historical or a listed landmark, any exterior and many interior changes have to be reviewed with the appropriate authorities. In all cases, it is the best policy to discuss your plans with the local council before proceeding. Your manufacturer and installer can both help ease the process.

Site Inspection

Before you purchase roller shutters, you should ask the supplier and installer to visit the site and provide their insight. They are bound to have local knowledge of ordinances and know what shutters can be most easily installed.

You can learn a good deal about the installation and approval process from this visit. The installer may have suggestions that the manufacturer or supplier did not consider. Hands-on experience is invaluable in the selection and installation process.

After the site inspection, visit the council’s website,. You can direct queries through the site and can usually get specifications for the installation of roller shutters. Remember, that roller shutters are used by many homeowners and commercial property owners in your community and that your questions will not be the first about this type installation.

You should also remember that the installation of exterior shutters, regardless of the extra security, will require an application and approval process in many UK communities. Your project is not being singled out. Planning permissions are one way the community has to ensure the integrity of the construction in the area. In the long-term, you are fortunate to have this type of protection.

There is no question that approval for listed properties will take longer and be more involved than approval on a local level. But, delays do not mean the project will be denied.

If security is your goal, roller shutters are the way to go. Look at the number of retail operations in malls and squares that have obtained approvals for exterior roller shutters. Protect yourself and your property with new roller shutters.

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