Why do I need stainless steel roll-up doors for my business?

Stainless steel shutters are the ideal shutters for businesses that need to ensure that the building is kept as hygienic as possible. These also provide improved weather protection as the stainless steel rolling shutter curtains are anti-rust and therefore are great for businesses that are situated in areas with very wet weather conditions or on shorelines where saltwater leads the metal on standard shutters to rust.

These are a great way of not only protecting your business from a security perspective but also providing much-needed weather protection. Why should I buy my stainless steel shutters from UK Roller Shutters?

All shutters:

  • Are installed in compliance with roller shutter health and safety legislation
  • Have a long service life including a 1-year warranty
  • Can be delivered anywhere in the UK

We understand that you want a cost-effective and hard-wearing solution for your business’ doors and windows. Our stainless steel shutters are an investment that will provide you with:

  • Security protection
  • Added insulation
  • Weather protection

Protect Your Building | Maximise Hygiene | Reduce Rust

Anti Rust
Prestigious shutter for high-end locations
Ideal for Food Preparation facilities

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Prestigious shutter for high-end locations, preventing rust and providing weather protection

Our products & models

As the UK’s best stainless steel roller shutter manufacturers, we provide high-quality industrial steel roller shutter doors for commercial, industrial and domestic applications.



Roller shutter doors finished in stainless steel give a stylish, high-tech look, but can be prohibitively expensive. To overcome this, and make the elegance of stainless steel doors far more cost-effective, we are able to supply doors fabricated from a combination of stainless steel and silver powder-coated steel. These doors deliver all the aesthetics of stainless steel, but at a fraction of the price.
To the untrained eye, they look exactly like a door made entirely of stainless steel. In fact, only the major visible component – the door itself is made from stainless steel, while other elements including the curtain, hood, and guides are made in silver powder-coated steel for a perfect match.
Our unique solution makes stainless steel shutters affordable to anyone wanting a door with the clean, shiny, metallic finish that only this material can give.
  • Prestigious shutter for high-end locations
  • Gives the appearance of a far more expensive door
  • Prevents rust and provides weather protection
  • Food prep
  • Weather protection
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Aerospace
  • MOD

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