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In environments where wind is a constant issue or even in situations where ‘intermittent buffering’ is a concern, we offer a solution in the form of our wind resistant / wind lock shutter doors, suitable for use in domestic, commercial or industrial situations.
Our wind resistant roller shutter doors can prevent damage by withstanding gale force winds of up to 100mph. In addition to the security and wind resistant features, the ‘wind lock end caps’ help eliminate rattle, minimising annoying noise – and have the added benefit of enhancing security by protecting the sides of the lath. 
Although primarily designed to protect an area against high winds, these shutters are also useful for air hangers, where they can offer protection from the gusts generated by helicopters.
As with all of our shutters, a wide range of finishes and sizes are available.
  • Airport terminals.
  • Coastal apertures.
  • Smaller wind resistance shutters can be used in a domestic context for protecting windows during breezy periods against soaring sticks, pebbles, or other debris.
  • Any areas where there is a risk of high winds.
  • Our wind resistant shutters are manufactured using a rigid and sturdy design that stands strong in high winds.
  • Shutters are insulated in order to save energy costs.
  • Our top of the range shutters can offer a resistance in winds of up to 150mph.
  • Visually pleasing.


As our wind resistant shutters are made to order in a range of different resistances based on your needs, the curtain may be manufactured in a number of different ways and using a number of different materials. However, in a general sense, a dense insulating material to provide weight and thermal insulation fills each lath, which is then connected to another lath using a secure and “minimum movement”, continually interlocking system. 


Vertical guides are formed from rolled steel into a double rebate and are fitted with twin full-height brush seals which helps to keep the wind out. 

End plates

Mild steel of appropriate thickness in relation to door thickness is prime painted and supplied with angles for fixing to he structure. 


Our barrels are normally made from a seamless steel tube of adequate diameter to counteract deflection and hold in bearings or cups attached to the end plates. 


Comes galvanised with non-galvanised parts prime painted as standard. Customers can choose to have a powder coating of almost any colour as an additional extra. 


Depending on size, the shutter will be operated by a single phase, or 3-phase motor. 


Galvanised steel hoods can be supplied to cover the coiled shutter and motor. 



Key switches

Radio/remote Control 

Key fobs

Rocker switches

Timer closing


Push and Pull


Can be Polyester powder coated in a range of standard RAL colours’ for an extra charge. 


All of our security shutters guarantee a high level of security against vandalism and theft. However, for an extra charge you can have one of our shutters with a distinct security or fire rating accreditation including SBD (Secured by Design) or LPS 1175 security rated levels 1-5.

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