High Speed Roller Shutters

Secure busy work yards without slowing traffic or affecting access using High Speed Roller Shutters, specifically designed to open and close quickly using a number of simple triggers.

The high speed of these shutters means you can control access to your premises without interrupting day-to-day operations and deliveries. Customise the shutter to suit your specific site requirements, from size, material, and finish to the choice of trigger method, including remote control, radar, pressure pads, and more. Where efficiency, speed, and reliability are imperative, these shutters provide the ideal solution.

Suitable for: Typically, these shutters might be used in areas concerned about climate control and/or hygiene such as car garages, food factories, or busy work yards with lots of traffic.

Secure busy locations with fast moving traffic that need to ensure they’re not affecting access with standard roller shutters need high speed roller shutters. These are designed to open and close quickly with simple functionality.

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Also known as fast action roller shutters, the high speed roller shutters are must-have for any warehouse or industrial building. These energy efficient roller shutters are especially designed for warehouses and factories that have busy entrances. They can open and close at the fastest pace with the use of basic triggers in order to not slow down any sort of traffic or lose the heat from inside the building.

In addition to high speed roller shutters, high speed doors are also available. You can choose your preferred method of controlling these shutters and doors from a variety of different options including remote controls, pressure pads and more. These fast-action roller shutters are your best choice in areas that are needed to be climate control and hygienic. The efficiency of these rapid roll doors and industrial high speed roller shutters gives you the power to control who enters your premises and who doesn’t with the use of the simplest of controls.

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