Aircraft Hangar Doors

Our aircraft hangar doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature, keeping your aircraft protected for longer.

The best solutions for large apertures, these aircraft hangar doors have been used by a selection of our clients. You can view our case studies here.

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Hangar and Concertina doors are used on a large-scale basis majority of the times because of their grand nature. Whether you are opting for industrial folding doors, sliding hangar door, aircraft hangar doors or folding warehouse doors, you can count on all of them to bring you the same level of security, protection and durability.

The best feature of hangar concertina doors is that they are very flexible. You can get them made in accordance to the type of building you want them installed in, choose the material of your choosing and install then in a variety of styles –rolling, sliding, parting and the like.

Hangar doors have been created especially to be able to endure heavy industrial wear and tear, withstand diverse moisture and temperature levels, allow for sound insulation and protect against all kinds of damaging winds. Due to the scale in which they are used, it often pays to have industrial sliding doors that are easy and cost-efficient to maintain.

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