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Our SR1-rated shutters represent the pinnacle of high-security solutions, meticulously tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to assess their resilience against forced entry and unauthorized access. This evaluation, under the LPS 1175 standard, rigorously determines the ability of our shutters to withstand specific threats by evaluating two critical factors: the type of tools that could potentially compromise security measures, and the minimum time required at each security level to prevent forceful entry through a barrier.

The LPS 1175 testing protocol specifically quantifies the duration required to create an entry point large enough for an individual to pass through—a minimum elliptical shape measuring 400mm by 225mm. Such detailed assessment ensures that our SR1 shutters provide a verified level of protection, designed to thwart opportunistic attacks carried out with minimal tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers.

Dedicated to catering to a broad spectrum of needs, our SR1 shutter collection is diverse, featuring various cost-effective options, materials, and locking mechanisms to precisely match our customers’ requirements. Whether your priority is aesthetic congruence with your property, budget constraints, or specific security features, our range of SR1-rated shutters is engineered to offer reliable protection without compromise.

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ALU1 Range – LPS1175 SR1 (37mm)

The ALU1-SR1(37) shutter, certified with an SR1 rating, offers versatile, high-security for residential and commercial spaces, fitting up to 3 meters wide.

ALU1 Range – LPS1175 SR1 (77mm)

The ALU1-SR1(77) secures residential and commercial spaces up to 16m², featuring remote control, SR1 rating, and customisable finishes.
Intimidator SR1 High security shutter

Intimidator Range – LPS1175 SR1

The Intimidator IR1 combines top-tier security, eco-friendly operation, and customizable design, meeting LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1 (SR1) standards in a compact solution.

LPSSHUT Range – LPS1175-SR1 (76mm)

Our most cost effective high security rated shutter (tested to LPS1175 SR1). Can come perforated or solid.

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Our high-security shutters are designed to fortify the most susceptible areas of a building, offering robust protection for both windows and doors. Trusted by banks, the Ministry of Defence, and military clients, our shutters are certified with the LPS1175 security rating, ensuring unparalleled safeguarding for your business.

Intimidator SR1 testing

Elevate your security to the next level with our LPS1175-rated shutters, engineered to meet rigorous safety standards. These shutters are not just a barrier; they’re a statement of uncompromising protection, making them a trusted choice for industries where security cannot be left to chance. Ideal for safeguarding assets and ensuring peace of mind, our LPS1175 shutters blend seamlessly with any architectural style, providing a secure yet aesthetically pleasing solution for any premise.

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