UK Roller Shutters can be found on RIBA’s Product finder and NBS Plus making specifying the roller shutters on your project particularly easy. Once the correct product has been identified on the Product Specification Tool, the NBS specifications can be found below:

Product Specification by NBS

  • ALU-1237 – Aluminium double skinned polyester powder-coated shutter.
  • ALU-12E77 – Aluminium double skinned polyester powder-coated shutter.
  • ALU-12M411 – Aluminium double skinned polyester powder-coated shutter with polyurethane foam insulating core.
  • ALU-LNTL – Aluminium roller shutter.
  • ALU-T77 – Aluminium double-skinned polyester powder coated shutter with polyurethane foam insulating core.
  • FNRLL – High-speed shutter.
  • FR-1H – One-hour fire shutter, single skin.
  • FR-2H – Two-hour fire shutter, single skin.
  • FR-4H – Four-hour fire shutter, single skin.
  • FR-INS4H – Twin skin insulated fire shutters, with sound reduction qualities.
  • GLV-11 – Solid steel shutter.
  • GLV11-INS100 – Insulated steel roller shutter.
  • GLV11-INS95 – Insulated steel roller shutter.
  • GLV-11 PE – Perforated steel shutter.
  • GLV-11 PU – Punched steel shutter.




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