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Why do I need window shutters for my business’ warehouse?

Windows are often targeted by thieves as they’re seen as an extremely vulnerable part of a building. They are also extremely hard to secure and sometimes a keylock isn’t quite enough to stop burglars. Security measures to stop damage and access to the window frame without compromising on the look of your warehouse is key.

Areas such as managers offices secure important assets such as safes, sensitive colleague and client information and more so you need to ensure your warehouse is kept highly secure at all times.

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  • 24-hour emergency window and door shutter repairs
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Here at UK Roller Shutter our roll up window shutter for factories and warehouses are made to measure and can be installed anywhere in the UK. Suitable for any window aperture, our metal window shutter are the solution you need to secure your warehouse or factory from the possibility of break-ins and theft.

Suitably fixed to the exterior of your factory or warehouse, our variety of metal window roller shutters can provide:

  • Insulation to keep your factory or warehouse warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • High security rating, accredited by some of Europe’s leading certification boards
  • Long service life with a UK Roller Shutters servicing and maintenance plan
Secure from theft

Protection from theft

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Aesthetically Pleasing

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Our Products & Models

Our metal window roll up shutters improve the security and protection of your factory or warehouse whilst adding to your theft-prevention strategy to ensure that your premises are protected the most they can be. Securing your valuable assets including machinery, tools, money and sensitive information.


ALU-12M511 Insulated Aluminium Shutter


  • Product Description
  • Ideal Uses
  • Technical Specifications

This model is the “big brother” to our ALU-12M411, catering to industrial building and domestic property openings to provide insulation.It has the option of vented slats to allow airflow when at full extension meaning that dependent upon the time of year, it can be used to either reduce heat loss or increase airflow whilst also providing security. They are also used as “high quality” curtains and block out nearly 100% of all light – ideal for those of you living in big cities or busy towns.

The canopy where the shutter rolls into can come as a square or rounded option depending on your preference.

Comes in 7 standard colours: White, Brown, Cream, Fir Green, Grey, Silver or Black.

  • House windows
  • Office windows
  • Reception counters
  • Display areas


  • Offers medium to high security
  • The ALU-12M511 offers lightweight insulation with a small headbox, perfect for domestic situations.
  • Lighter than a steel shutter means less energy is needed to open them (4.5kg/m²).
  • Slat U-Value of 2.2W/m²K
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Roll Up Window Shutters for Warehouse & Factories FAQ

Over the years we’ve been as many questions about our metal window shutters so we thought we’d compile the frequently asked questions and answers we’re asked. If you’re still unsure, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

How are your roll up window shutters secured?

Our window roller shutters can be fitted to the exterior of a window. Adding extra protection for your windows as well as improved insulation. If you need help fitting your window roller shutter you can download our roller shutter installation guide. Alternatively UK Roller Shutters offer roller shutter installation so you can sit back whilst we install your roller shutters in the correct way to comply with roller shutter health and safety legislation.

Will your window shutters be the right size for my window?

Yes! Our window shutters are made-to-measure which means that whatever size the aperture is, we can ensure that our window shutters will fit!

Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

Yes! We offer a 1-year warrantee on all of our roller shutters, this can be extended by ensuring that your roller shutter is services once a year. UK Roller Shutters offer servicing and maintenance contracts so you can ensure your roller shutter is maintained and services once a year, hassle-free!

What colours do you offer?

Depending on the shutter you’re after, you will have a choice on a selection of colours but in addition we do offer a full range of RAL and BS colours that we can be powder coated at an extra charge. Our window shutter for factories and warehouses are aesthetically pleasing and with this upgrade you can ensure that your roller shutters match with the design scheme of your building, blending in seamlessly as a high security window shutter.

How secure are your window shutters?

Our range of roll up window shutters come in different security rating levels depending on your needs. From the ALU-1237PE, a lightweight material that doesn’t offer much security protection but are ideal for areas that require vision and airflow, to Extender Security Grilles that offer astonishing protection against attempted break-ins and attacks including being targeted by crowbars and hacksaws.



We have several resources available for architects including CAD drawings and detailed product information.



There are three main methods for fixing your shutter to the aperture. Use our measuring guide to obtain the most accurate quote.




We can be found on RIBA’s Product finder and NBS Plus making specifying the roller shutters on your project particularly easy.




There are three main methods for fixing your shutter to the aperture. Use our measuring guide to obtain the most accurate quote.



If you have any questions please get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 1384 221743.

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