The Best Security Tips for Factories and Manufacturing Plants

Owning a factory puts a great amount of responsibility on your shoulders. Not only does it include a fair amount of machinery and manpower, but the factory also needs your utmost attention, in every aspect. One area that you can never relax about is security. Here is a list of the best security tips for factories & manufacturing plants because we understand that the security of your industrial premises is an integral part of any institution, with a factory requiring far more than a regular office would.

You need to ensure that all of your precious machinery and materials have the very best protection. If they don’t, expect yourself to face major losses due to an unfortunate incident.

Here are some security tips for factories and manufacturing plants:

Install Single Skin Steel Roller Shutters

Installing these shutters is by far the best step you can take to ensure the protection of your factory is at it’s best, adding extra defence against a possible security breach. Secure single skin steel roller shutters offer you everything – from fantastic performance to great ease of use. You can roll them down at any time without any resistance and compared to other aperture covers, these save space. The shutter rolls up above the opening instead of regular doors where space is needed around the aperture to ensure that they can open effectively.

These shutters offer superb protection and are incredibly strong for their weight. They can withstand high cutting force and are available in a range of security ratings. They allow you to make sure that no one from outside can get into your factory when you are away. If you worry about your factory during the night because of the valuable assets it holds, these shutters can help dispel your fear of a security breach and give you peace of mind.


Having a CCTV network installed in and around your factory offers you a great platform to keep a protective look at the building, no matter where you may be. Now with cloud technology and advanced networking, CCTV footage can be accessed in several different ways, and with immense ease.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems offer an extra measure of protection to your factory. Alarm systems can range from anything as simple as the ones controlled by people to ones that are designed to automatically react to certain stimuli. They can provide a second line of protection if your first one is breached.

Staff Security

The security responsibilities of a factory owner are not just limited to the security of the entire structure as a whole, they need to trickle down to the individual aspects such as employee security. The correct security procedures and methods need to be in place to ensure maximum possible security and protection for these key assets hold within a factory or manufacturing plant.

Ensuring that you run background security checks on your factory staff such as a DBS check will ensure that you’re recruiting the right people. Another measure you could include is an access control system, where electronic door access is added and employees carry their Lanyard or Key Fob around, with access to the areas of the factory that higher management has allowed them to go. This ensures that there is control and tracking on where your employees are going, reducing the chance of theft.

Machinery Protection

Machines can be installed with preventive and protective measures that will stop them from running unless employees have been given access to turn the machines on. Therefore reducing the possibility of causing harm to anyone inside the factory.

Keeping on top of and maintaining the security of your factory or manufacturing plant is essential to keeping on top of your business assets and ensuring that they’re not under threat from attack by thieves.

If you’d like some more suggestions on security tips for your factory, manufacturing plant or other industrial building, please do get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help!