Why you should install secure commercial roller shutters to protect against your business.

A leading security measure used by countless businesses, secure commercial roller shutters give owners peace of mind during public restricted hours. With various options available for your commercial premises, we supply and install shutter doors whatever your requirements. Providing high security, steel shop front roller shutters, to powder coated front shutters; we offer extensive high quality roller shutter option. 

We deliver roller shutter installation services across the UK and worldwide. Our team has the expertise to supply and install reliable, high quality roller shutters to securely protect your business premises.

Here are our top 6 reasons for why you should invest in roller shutters to protect your commercial premises:

Robust, secure design

We offer a variety of types of shutters for shops. From tube and link secure, commercial roller shutters to stainless steel roller shutter doors and transparent roller shutters. Each design of roller shutter doors offer different benefits. 

Tube and link roller shutters are aluminium tubes within a brick bonded pattern with rods at the end, restricting movement. Stainless steel shop shutters offer high security protection for premises who rely on heavy duty shutters.

Transparent shop roller shutter doors are created from polycarbonate making them unbreakable and robust, restricting any movement. The transparent design is popular for retail shop roller shutters where the perception of the unit is important.

shop front secure commercial shutters

Most popular shutters

As there are a number of roller shutters available for your commercial property, we have collated a list of popular choices. The most popular shop front shutters are stainless steel. With the highest level of security, these shutters will protect your business’ valuable assets. 

Transparent roller shutters are also  popular for commercial and retail premises. Major retailers have these to display items when out of hours. There are a number of cosmetic options available including frosted coating and you can choose the frame in any colour – please get in touch with our team if you have a specific colour requirement or take a look at our RAL colour chart.

bright shutter doors

Saving energy costs

In addition to added security, commercial roller shutter doors are energy efficient. Bespoke insulated roller shutters placed over windows and doors restrict heat loss and heat gain. Insulated roller shutters offer a permanent solution for commercial premises that use a large amount of energy.

Insulated roller doors are ideal for temperature controlled retail premises or public buildings such as art galleries that require optimum temperatures for artwork & artefact conservation. Insulated roller shutter doors also prevent draught and reduce noise.

energy saving money costs


Shutters tailored to your commercial needs

With a number of secure commercial roller shutters options available, certain types are more beneficial than others for different commercial businesses. For smaller commercial businesses, tube and link roller shutters offer a cost effective solution to secure your premises. Tube and link roller shutters are ideal for areas like bars, counters and receptions where a section of the space is restricted.

Stainless steel roller shutters are perfect for major retailers selling valuable, high-end products. Steel shutters are also ideal for premises that hold lots pf technological stock such as TVs, computers and mobile phones.

Transparent shutter rollers are ideal for public premises which hold significance. From museums to galleries; transparent roller shutters offer the highest fire rating, protecting valuable assets.

interior secure commercial roller shutters

Highest level of fire rating

Stainless steel roller shutters are certified class A fire rated. This means they are specially designed to reduce smoke and flames from spreading in the premises. For high risk retail shops and commercial premises like restaurants, these are essential. 

We offer 2 types of fire roller shutters; single skin and twin skin insulated shutters. These are available in any size that is required and are made to measure. The fire shutters have a 1, 2 or 4-hour fire rating. They are all also tested to legal fire safety standards; BS476 part 22: 1977.

fire safety rating

How-to guides

We have a number of manuals available on our website to help you with installing and managing your roller shutters. 

These manuals will help you to understand how to install your bespoke, secure, commercial roller shutters. We have also created a detailed guide outlining how to measure for your roller shutters. Our guides also give you tips on how to secure your premises and protect it from break-ins and theft, why not download our business security checklist here.

We offer extensive services, from roller shutter installation, shop shutter maintenance and emergency roller shutter repair. We have you covered with the best quality customer service, helps to ensure that your day to day business runs smoothly. 

guides and manuals

Maintaining security to protect your commercial premises is integral to your business. Investing in secure commercial roller shutters will allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that your business is protected when you’re not there.

If you want to know more or have any particular questions about our commercial roller shutters, please do get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help!