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This highly secure explosion and blast shutter can be internally retrofitted fitted to existing building as well as new builds. The blast blind is easy to maintain. With high security, the Securablind left or right hand hung blast gate works extremely well to prevent forced entry as well as any debris, shrapnel or glass that may hit the building after a blast shock wave. These blinds are extremely effective at. Helping to improve counter-terrorism strategies. Manufactured In accordance of ISO 9001 the blast blinds are extremely resilient and durable. The blinds also are aesthetically pleasing compared to physical security systems as their appearance is reflective of a conventional window blind.

  • Buildings in highly dangerous regions
  • Homes vulnerable to attack
  • Government buildings including embassies that are under treat from terrorism
  • Anti-shatter film applied to the window to act as a trigger mechanism, which is activated within 10milliseconds of the blast hitting the window.
  • Inner panel that opens 90 degrees into the room, allowing access to the window.
  • Can be hung to the right or left hand of the aperture depending on requirements.
  • Highly secure and proven to absorb the effects of a high level blast.

The manufacturing methods use when creating these blinds are adhered to ISO 9001:2008. Ensuring that core strength and durability is built at every manufacturing stage.

Product Name:


Product Type:

Single Gate / Double Gate

Product Code:

  • A1GTLHH (Left Hand Hung)
  • A1GTLHHT (Left Hand Hung Transom)
  • A1GTRHH (Right Hand Hung)
  • A1GTRHHT (Right Hand Hung Transom)
  • A1DG (Double Gate)
  • A1DGT (Double Gate Transom)

General Description:

Internally fitted behind a building’s window for forced
entry prevention this SECURABLINDS® product has an
inner panel which opens to 90° into the room.

Finish: Polyester Powder Coated


  • 85mm Aluminium Blades @ 75mm centres.
  • 9mm between blades at 90 °

Locking Bar:

A locking bar can be inserted across the blades into the inner panel to lock the blades in the closed position.


Typically fixed through the outer frame within the reveal of a window aperture into the substrate of the building (timber/brick/block/concrete) using M8 VF fixings.


Choose closest size under tightest aperture size -5mm. Uneven blades in the double gate panels can be made. Increments in 75mm.

Double Lock Grille

  • 457 mm. 4 blades.
  • 532 mm. 5 blades.
  • 607 mm. 6 blades.
  • 682 mm. 7 blades.
  • 757 mm. 8 blades.
  • 832 mm. 9 blades.
  • 907 mm. 10 blades.
  • 982 mm. 11 blades.
  • 1057 mm. 12 blades.
  • 1132 mm. 13 blades.
  • 1207 mm. 14 blades.
  • 1282 mm. 15 blades.
  • 1357 mm. 16 blades.
  • 1432 mm. 17 blades.
  • 1507 mm. 18 blades.

Double Gate

  • 867 mm. 4 blades – 4 blades
  • 1017 mm. 5 blades – 5 blades
  • 1167 mm. 6 blades – 6 blades
  • 1317 mm. 7 blades – 7 blades
  • 1467 mm. 8 blades – 8 blades
  • 1617 mm. 9 blades – 9 blades
  • 1767 mm. 10 blades – 10 blades
  • 1917 mm. 11 blades – 11 blades
  • 2067 mm. 12 blades – 12 blades
  • 2217 mm. 13 blades – 13 blades
  • 2367 mm. 14 blades – 14 blades
  • 2517 mm. 15 blades – 15 blades
  • 2667 mm. 16 blades – 16 blades
  • 2817 mm. 17 blades – 17 blades

Height (Tightest aperture size -5mm.)

(Tightest aperture size -5mm.)
Unit Height min + max (dependant on width): 700mm to 2500mm – a transom
(variable height) splitting the blades into two sets that can move independently
from one another will be required over the height of 1900mm.

Lock height and locking bar height are variable, dependent on overall height
chosen. Lock height typically placed approximately a third from the bottom to
centre of the unit.

Locking bar height typically 2-300mm below lock height (Dependant on height
of the unit, lock and hinge heights).

If a transom is required there is a locking bar for each set of blades.

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