Wind Resistant Roller Shutters

We offer a solution against high wind in the form of our wind resistant roller shutters / wind lock shutter doors. These roller shutters are suitable for use in domestic, commercial or industrial situations where wind protection is the main concern.

These shutters also provide security protection and added insulation to the building.

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Shutters come in various types and wind resistant roller shutters is just one out of the many. Secure wind resistant roller shutters are perfect for use where the wind or breeze is constant and proves to be a concern –especially in regards to industrial, commercial and domestic processes.

Wind protection roller shutters provide the needed barrier between equipment, storage and products to prevent any damage from being caused to them. Majority of roller shutters provide wind resistance of up to 100mph.

Wind protection roller shutters are also perfect for eliminating additional disturbing sounds like the rattling that is caused by two objects colliding together, the sound of the wind and even the sound of outside disturbances. Whether the wind is caused by a thunderstorm or a helicopter, wind resistant roller shutter can be counted on for minimising the effects.

Lastly, secure wind resistant roller shutters will also extend the security you need against any other form of tampering besides the wind.