Vision and Airflow Roller Shutters

Secure retail premises and car parks without detracting from airflow or visibility with our extensive range of specialist vision and airflow roller shutters.

In addition to providing your premises with a security barrier, vision and airflow shutters allow light, visibility, and increased airflow into your premises. Every shutter can be custom-built to suit the specific dimensions of your premises and finished in a variety of colours and styles to complement existing decor. Choose from manually-operated or motorised shutters, restricting public access as necessary while an aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard roller shutters.

Suitable for: The specialist vision and airflow properties make these shutters ideal for retail/commercial premises such as shops, malls, and shopping centres, where customer satisfaction and the ability to browse shop windows is beneficial.

You can now secure your locations and parking garages without compromising airflow or visibility with our wide range of vision systems and secure air flow roller shutters.

Our range of visibility and airflow roller shutters provide light, visibility and increased airflow in your buildings.

Do you want your own dimensions for the shutters? Each shutter can be custom-made to meet the specific dimensions of your business and is available in different colours and styles to complement existing interiors. You can choose from motorized or manually-functional shutters depending on your budget and needs.

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There are many factors that you need to consider before making the decision of installing shutters in and around your property. One of the main concerns for many customers is that they do not feel comfortable with the complete cut off of air flow and not being able to see what’s going on outside the building. This concern has been countered by the airflow roller shutters.

Airflow roller shutters provide security around your home or commercial premise while at the same time allowing for there to be a greater air flow around the building. Similarly, vision roller shutters are designed to allow you to be able to see through the shutters when they are pulled down. If you feel claustrophobic with regular shutters, worry no more and get your hands on the air flow roller shutters and vision roller shutters. Getting security products has never been easier.

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