Steel Sliding Doors

We are able to supply small or large steel sliding doors. They are most commonly used as an external door to cover up very large openings on buildings such as warehouses, grain stores and aircraft hangars.

Our steel sliding doors are made to measure so you can be sure that your aperture will be covered perfectly, just get in touch with our team to discuss how we can install these steel sliding doors for you.

These sliding doors are perfect for agricultural applications including storage barns as well as machinery & grain stores. They save overhead space and are easy to manoeuvre, allowing for ease of use. These can be installed by our team of engineers or are available to purchase for you to install yourself – depending on your needs.

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You may have seen steel sliding doors on huge warehouses, buildings, barns and industries. These huge doors are often used in order to cover the major openings of a large building and provide some sort of privacy, insulation and protection.

They way that they are created, they are impenetrable which assures you that you and your equipment is secure at all times. Additionally, these steel sliding doors can also be a cheaper alternative for roller shutters since they are made out of solid steel, have a wheel base and are very durable in nature. Their long term use can be very cost-effective.

On another note, these steel sliding doors are also amazing sources of protection against weather damages like dust accumulation, rain, lightening and intense winds. They are perfect for use on a massive scale due to the general size at which they are manufactured.