Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

Increase insulation while reducing draughts and noise pollution with our specialist Insulated Roller Shutters, designed specifically to improve the performance of your industrial premises.

Shutter laths are filled with an insulating material which is highly efficient and lightweight, so doors are highly effective – with no compromise on reliability and efficiency. Every shutter is built to your custom size and specifications, so however large the yard or warehouse entrance, you know we can secure it. In addition, each door has twin brushes in the guides, and rubber seals fitted along the base, combining to offer further sound reduction and draught exclusion.

Suitable for: There are many situations including loading bays, factories and warehouses where these shutters are ideal. Minimising heat loss is important for large warehouse buildings and can save significantly on energy costs. Sound prevention is also suited to industrial buildings, where large vehicles, machines, and high levels of activity typically result in increased noise.

Are you dealing with insulation problems? Have you found any solution yet? If not, then insulated roller shutters might be the best solution for you. These insulated steel roller shutters are specially designed to increase the insulation while decreasing the noise, pollution and draughts with the best insulated shutters, enhancing the performance of your business or industrial sites.

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Working in a warehouse or factory has never been more comfortable than with insulated roller shutters. These shutters are especially designed to prevent heat loss which is what makes them so effective as industrial shutters and also helps save energy costs. Along with minimising the loss of heat, insulted roller shutters and insulated roller shutter doors are also sound proof. This is especially crucial if you have residential areas near you warehouse or factory and need to reduce the noise pollution for the locals.

Besides commercial buildings, insulated shutters are also very useful when installed in private homes. During the winter months, insulated shutters are the ideal choice if you want to retain the heat that your heater or boiler is producing within the building. Insulated roller shutters are also available in steel roller shutters and another more expensive counterpart is known as the thermaroll insulated roller shutter. High speed insulted roller shutter doors can also achieve grater heat prevention even if the doors or shutters are frequently opened and closed.