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A number of our products can be re-engineered in such a way that they can be installed horizontally. Use a horizontal shutter across glass roofs to block out light, swimming pools to cover them up, or escalators to section them off.

If you see a product you like, ask our sales team whether we can adapt it to a horizontal type roller shutter

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Horizontal roller shutters are a relatively recent invention in the world of shutter security. Many types of basic shutters have now been developed in their horizontal counterparts whom are considered to be much more convenient to use. Horizontal roller shutters and horizontal shutter blind are mostly used to cover glass roofs in order to block out sunlight. They are also used as covering for swimming pools when they are not in use.

Horizontal roller shutter escalators are also used with swimming pools to divide them into different sections if need be. Horizontal roller shutters are truly the most versatile of all types of shutters because they can be used in almost all applications. Whether you want to secure your garage, or want to cordon off a certain part of your home; a horizontal roller shutter can help you in all types of situations.

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